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How Air Cargo business affected by pricing strategies?

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Air Cargo
Posted on 12 May 17

A powerful pricing technique is the key want of the Air cargo business that is quintessential for the carriers to survive within the inconsistent market stipulations An intricate structure of the air cargo business needs a powerful and potent cost process and an ultimate pricing strategy to acquire extra revenue and for the progress of […]

The Air Cargo Process Explained

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Air Cargo Process
Posted on 10 Jan 17

Proper following of the process and choosing the right aircraft make things easier. For the convenience of the client airlines have provided facilities to carry the cargo according to their item category. It is very important to satisfy the customer to nourish the positive PR and enhance the circle of customers. It gets important on […]

Statistic Decline in Business but future is for Air Cargo

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Air Cargo
Posted on 1 Sep 16

Air Cargo business is falling down gradually, but still, has mighty plans to take it to successive heights Whenever there comes consideration of shifting heavy business materials, air cargo carriers are the prior choice. Why is it preferred over other cargo carriers? Well, there is a clear difference. Air Cargo travels through air and reaches […]

Virgin Atlantic and Delta Air Draining To ‘Co-Locate’ U.K. Cargo

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Virgin Air Cargo
Posted on 13 Jun 16

Virgin Atlantic and Delta Cargo will co-handle the UK cargo from twelve locations including London Heathrow A long-drawn-out-term contract signed at present by Virgin Atlantic Cargo and Delta Cargo to co-find their cargo handling in UK Areas under a “one roof” handling strategy is predicted to increase provider whilst reducing expenses, according to representatives of […]

Lithium Batteries! Active Bombs in the Cargo Deliveries

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dangerous goods
Posted on 10 May 16

IATA, DGR, ICAO, and many other aviation authorities are concerned about the presence of lithium batteries in the cargo The international Air Transport Association’s (IATA) assistant director for cargo safeguard and standards, Dave Brennan, says the biggest threat around detrimental goods remains the inappropriate packing and delivery of lithium batteries. Airlines Carrying Batteries He says […]

The Impact of the 3D Printing on the Air Cargo Transportation

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3D Printer
Posted on 21 Mar 16

3D printing is going to change the structure of the cargo transportation world and it is growing rapidly in the supply chain industry. How 3D printing will affect the air cargo industry? What is the 3D printing or Additive manufacturing  process? 3D printing is a process in which material is laid down in thin layers […]

A Bomb Threat! A Question Mark for British Airways

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British Airways Bomb Threat
Posted on 14 Mar 16

British Airways flight received  a bomb threat when it was on its way to Dubai international airport from Heathrow International Airport in London in recent months British Airways flight from Heathrow airport, London to Dubai international airport  was threatened by a man who was travelling to Dubai air cargo from the UK to Pakistan. This traveller […]

How to Differentiate GERMANY and UK Cargo Business Culture?

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UK Cargo
Posted on 22 Feb 16

According to an unscientific point of view, the decision making processes and the perception of risk are the major differences in the business culture of the UK  and Germany Both of the countries are recognized as great retail brand producers at the international podium. Both Germany and United Kingdom have a strong globalized strength of […]

Transportation of Pharmacuticles by Air Cargo

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Transportation Of Pharmacuticles By Air Cargo
Posted on 15 Feb 16

The Air cargo industry is playing a vital role in the transportation of pharmaceuticals The international pharma industry is growing, the air cargo share of international pharmaceutical product transportation has decreased. The handling of the pharma industry is a very difficult business.  The Pharma industry is the world’s third largest industry, which is playing an […]

Major Global Logistics Trends

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Global Logistics Trends
Posted on 16 Jan 16

The trend is influencing the logistics industry all in all and is for the most part about infrastructure advancement. The logistics industry needs to adjust to the client requests by expanding the information inside of corner portions. How companies are hoping to modify their production network model. Here are few major logistics trends given below An operational […]

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