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The term freight means to transport bulky goods mostly by truck, aircraft, train or ship. Where there is import and export business, then the logistics and freight are inevitable. Whereas, the freight forwarder is a middle man which provides services for importing and exporting the goods through air freight, sea freight, trucks, trains or intermodal. Importing or exporting goods from one country to other is a hectic job that is why you need some Freight Services.

Before going ahead on the subject matter, it is appropriate to have cursory glance at the types of freight transportation. In this regard, there are so many ways to Send Cargo to Pakistan but following are the main types which come under freight services:

  • LTL (Less than Truckload)

This freight is usually shipped by truck from the pickup point and to the destination point. This freight is reliable and cost-effective adopted by the most of the cargo companies.

  • TL (Truckload)

This mode is used for sensitive, unpacked, oversize or climate control shipments. This is not so expensive and faster than the LTL freight, as it saves the time of loading and unloading the shipment.

  • Air Freight Services

Among all the freight modes, air freight is the fastest and most reliable which is delivered by the air freight carriers or cargo airlines which are meant for cargo handling. The smaller packages tightly packed, gets less space in the planes, hence these are best suited for the air freight.

  • Intermodal Rail Freight

This is prevalent in the adjoining countries which have common rail network like the USA and Canada. It is used for delivering bulky shipments usually pertaining to dangerous materials or heavy constructions.

  • Expedited Freight Services

When you are in hurry and want to forward your shipment without losing much time, then there is need of expedient freight services. Though not like guaranteed delivery, the expedited freight services are very quick in deliveries.

  • Partial Truckload

These are for medium size shipments with respect to volume or Running Feet of a truck. Unlike the LTL, Partial Truckload gets fewer loads at a time for all types of commodities like perishable, unpacked, oversize or climate control shipments.

  • Air Ride Truckload

For fragile and risky shipment, Air Ride Truckload is best suited. Actually, this freight unlike standard truck, offers a protective space.

  • Blanket Wrap or Van Move

Blanket Wrap or Van Move is best suited for the furniture and is expensive than LTL freight shipping. This involves slower transit time, yet it is preferred for the goods that is not packed in boxes, pellets or crates. Though it is expensive yet you are certain that your shipment would reach its destination perfectly.

  • International Shipping

Assisted by freight forwarders and ocean or air transporters, the movements of the shipment is carried out globally.

  • Guaranteed Delivery Freight Services

These freight services are basically special types which are time bound with some guarantee.

Wise Reasons to Have Our Services

We have well established linkages with the concerned freight carrier companies in a bid to have the most reasonable price package for your deliveries. Apart from it, we also manage to have the appropriate speed, reliability and status of the routes to be carried out. It is needless to say that we maintain proper documentary record of transport cost, duty and tax.

Our extraordinary service is unique in every respect. You would find us most cooperative, dedicated and most professional having all know-how about the geographic trades and markets.

Our Local and Global Expertise at Port Terminals

Our capability of handling port issues, is superb due to our long service experience in this field of cargo. Various factors affect the flow of the shipment at the port terminals like physical conditions, transport infrastructure, inordinate delays or congestion, procedural set up, political change impact etc. We are capable of handling all the difficult and challenging situations of the ports.

Our Extensive Air Freight Services

We provide door to door service for carrying shipment of air freight and also ensure that your deliveries reaches to the nearest airport of the destination point. Apart from it, we try our best to have prompt custom clearance. We have all the freight and logistic arrangements to deliver your shipment up to the distant places of Pakistan and AJK.

An Efficient Tracking and Monitoring System

Our innovative tracking and monitoring system is especially devised for having consistent information about the status of the shipment so as to respond the queries of the customers in toto. Our service is extremely motivated, dependable, hassle free, flexible and proficient.

We believe in untiring working for the betterment of our services so as to ease our reliable customers who are our asset. That is why we never believe in 'one size fits all'. We work in accordance with our own strategies which goes on changing from situation to situation. Our stunning and laid-back services ensure the extensive and safe delivery of the shipment.

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