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CPEC and energy crisis of Pakistan

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CPEC Route
Posted on 16 Jul 18

Pakistan is fighting with energy shortage in order to run CPEC operations flawlessly The calls for global energy are significantly going up day by day in the 21st century, whereas the reliance on fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas has become a high-priority area of interest which is about 80% of the world’s […]

New Customs Declaration System for UK Freight

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Posted on 3 Jul 18

The most important thing is the training of the staff that would carry out these changes The United Kingdom has introduced new Customs Declaration System for freight forwarders from UK to Pakistan. It would be fully implemented throughout the UK from January next year. This new system will replace the existing Customs Handling of Import […]

Every key player keen to expand cargo facilities

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UK Pakistan Trust
Posted on 12 Jun 18

A positively changing environment has encouraged traders to export to Pakistan Trade expansion among nations due to multiple reasons has engaged freight forwarders more than ever before. Cargo to Pakistan from UK is also on the rise. Direct cargo flights to this destination are not in plenty so most of the cargo traffic takes to […]

Pakistani Airspace is going to be Used for India-Afghan Cargo

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Pak-Afghan & India
Posted on 2 Jun 18

India and Afghanistan will operationalize in the following couple of days a committed air freight interface that will help increment respective exchange hampered by their bothered connections with Pakistan that disallows Indian products along the road course. “The cargo passage amongst India and Afghanistan is closely turning into an actuality,” External Affairs Ministry representative Gopal […]

UK Pakistan trade is showing positive trend

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Cargo Services
Posted on 28 May 18

Easy access to cargo companies and smooth processing of freight are contributing The most recent states of UK Pakistan bilateral trade showing encouraging results of an increase in volume. Eight percent increase in last year would push authorities to do more for this cause as their efforts are bearing fruit. Easy access to cargo facilities […]

UK companies wishing to improve cargo traffic to Pakistan

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Container Cargo
Posted on 15 May 18

More resources are being allocated to new routes for their increasing needs A lot of changes have been happening in the UK as the final date of Brexit is approaching. UK cargo industry has been witnessing major shifts as no more part of the single economic unit of the continent. But still most of the […]

Oceanic cargo Freight rates to Pakistan depends on Different Things

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Oceanic cargo Freight rates to Pakistan depends on Different Things
Posted on 12 Feb 18

Fluctuation in dollar and fuel price is very important in this connection Oceanic cargo freight rates are important for Indian cargo movement Water is the main source to move cargo from UK to Pakistan and we have oceans, seas and canals to move this business on throughout the year. Ocean cargo business is the most […]

Pakistan has strong local cargo business to support its international cargo activity

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local cargo business
Posted on 12 Jan 18

Connection of local and international cargo business is two ends of a same chain Local markets of Pakistan play vital role for its international cargo activities South Asia is huge with good and big geographical plateaus. India, Pakistan and China cover the major portion of South Asia. Pakistan, though geographically is not a very big […]

Pakistan is bestowed with natural sources which make the cargo wheel move

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Cargo From UK to Pakistan
Posted on 12 Dec 17

Different seasons give opportunities for cargo connectivity for the whole year Pakistan has great natural sources to move its inland cargo business activity Every country of this world has natural sources. Natural sources may contain minerals, vegetables, crops, fruits and other raw material, necessary for the progress of industries of the country. Pakistan also has […]

10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game

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10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game
Posted on 23 Nov 17

China leads the game of world’s busiest ports as our list has more than half cargo ports owned by the Republic of China China leads the seaports business race and sits at more than half of the top 10 ports, however, remaining are also in the dominance of China to some extent e.g. Singapore port […]

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