Send Laptop to Pakistan from UK, fastest & secure delivery

Send laptop to Pakistan, air or sea shipping from UK

The people from Pakistan, Mirpur and Azad Jammu and Kashmir residing here in UK love to send precious gifts to their dear ones, making a feeling that they are vividly alive in their heart and also their love and respect is not lessened at all, even after passing huge time. And now sending such gift, is quite conducive due to availability of fast delivery system having all security measures. You can send cargo to Pakistan by choosing well-experienced courier service like A Star Cargo

Products being sent to Pakistan from UK

If we look at the stuff being sent to Pakistan and AJK, it is revealed that Clothes, Kitchen Appliances, Microwaves, TV, Mobile Phones, Electronics, Furniture, Chocolates, Industrial Machinery, Baby Items, Laptop, Toys and Dishwashers are the products that are shipped mostly by the customers in the UK. Be warned that never try to send prohibited products and it would be much better to have a look at the custom laws so as to make you familiar about the cargo related rules and regulations.

Preventive Measures to be taken

Damaged in transit or incorrectly packed Lithium batteries are a big threat of short-circuit, overheating leading to fire. The cargo experts are very well aware of working procedure of handling all such situations and guide you how to protect the safety of the laptops while these are in transit.

You must be aware of the dangerous lithium batteries of laptops and mobile phones that are flammable due to having Lithium Ions. That is why these Laptops having lithium batteries are prohibited to send anywhere. Actually, in this regard some mishaps of explosion of lithium battery have occurred. That is why Association of Cargo Security prohibits the carriage of laptops and mobile phones and practically these are banned to ship. But well experienced and standard companies having all the preventive measures manage to ship the laptops and mobile phones.

Modes of Cargo and Available Services

Laptops could be shipped either by air cargo or by ocean shipping. Both the modes of shipping are well and you can choose any one of them depending upon your budgetary position and requirement. The air cargo takes more time as compared to sea cargo for the carriage of shipment up to the destination point but is costlier than sea cargo.

As far as the modes of cargo are concerned, mainly these are comprised Air Cargo, Sea Cargo and Intermodal. It is worthwhile to mention that packages associated with these modes of cargo are: container shipping, send letters and documents, send gifts, door to door cargo, airport to airport cargo, excess baggage, port to door sea cargo, port to port sea shipping, ship personal belongings, send kitchen appliances, send clothes, send chocolates, freight forwarding, send children toys, electronics shipping, and host of other such services.

Sending Gifts on Important Occasions from UK to Pakistan

Sending gifts to Pakistan from UK on important occasions have a great regard in our traditions and everyone in accordance to his financial limitation, tries to send gifts to his friends and relatives. Usually these gifts are sent on the days associated with wedding, Christmas, New Year, anniversary, valentine and birthday. Sending laptop is quite convenient now with available speedy, reliable and affordable cargo facilities.

Sending laptops in Bulk to Pakistan

Now mostly people who intend to send a lap top or in bulk, inquire about the cost involved. It is quite obvious that sending laptops in bulk would involve less cost. Likewise, there is also less cost needed for the delivery of laptops for those businessmen who frequently ship varied types of products which can be packed into a single shipment leading to minimised rates. Hence by this, you would be having economised and cost-effective deliveries

Harmonized System Codes

You must be well aware of the HS Code which is the Harmonized System and is internationally recognised system comprising numbers to categorise the import or export products. Whenever some product is being classified in international trade and international freight, you have specific HS code for each product. Another purpose of this HS Code is to calculate the export and import product's duty and taxes. Pakistan Customs will check the every shipment coming, in context of Pakistan Customs Tariff Codes which is of eight digits. This code is very necessary to know for you as by referring it, you can avoid unexpected delay and charges.

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