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UK can Increase Freight Forwarding to Pakistan

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UK Can Increase Cargo to Pakistan
Posted on 14 Apr 17

Number of Sectors can be focused to enhance volume of Trade

Well above one hundred UK companies are doing business in Pakistan and due to their success there is extreme likelihood for increase in this number. This would certainly push exports from UK to this country and it is comparatively easy as no language barrier and quite similar legal framework. Britain also has advantage to doing business with this gateway to central Asian, northern India and Western China as people have acquaintance with brands.

UK to Pakistan Cargo

UK to Pakistan Cargo

Wherever middle class is growing chances of selling high valued goods are brighter and it is where Great Britain has certain advantage. The focus must be on population that has aspirations and fall in age group from ten to thirty and it comprises more than fifty percent of this sixth most populated country of world. People here use English as means of communication that allow them to host more than six hundred foreign companies. The worth of Pakistan cargo is in billions of Sterling Pounds and it can be manifold.

Goods Cargo from UK to Pakistan

Major cargo items include specialized industrial machinery, power generation equipments, broadcasting and telecom apparatus, medical products and big share of container shipments is scrap. As shortage of electricity is quite high so imports of these items and technology to be used to meet this shortfall are on higher side. The machinery required for explorations of minerals, oil and gas is also very much in demand.

Air Cargo to Pakistan

Air Cargo to Pakistan

Billions of pounds of life saving science and medicines are imported and that makes it one of the largest in developing world. Similarly medical devices of reasonable amount from other countries are sent here and these areas can be captured by UK exporters due to many obvious reasons.

Security Equipments Trade on rise

The other concern of people of Pakistan is their security so they are keen to buy products like close circuit cameras. On national level command, control and communication system along a list of equipments for armed forces and law enforcement agencies. Institutions of investigation demand forensic laboratories and related technology. This sector is now well established so suppliers from all over the Europe are very much interested to meet present needs. Though

Security Equipments Cargo to Pakistan

Security Equipments Cargo to Pakistan

Though price is an issue for many people who are potential buyers but even then there is demand of high quality products that are reliable. Sending cargo to Pakistan from UK in the best attraction for the UK companies now a days. The newly developed route through this country has created huge possibilities to stuff its markets with number of products prepared in United Kingdom.

New Phenomenon of Luxury Brands

Purchase of luxury branded goods is new phenomenon in this country and list of it contains footwear, clothes, accessories and cosmetics. It has been made possible by growing number of shopping malls that offers space for foreign products.

Luxury Brands in UK

Luxury Brands in UK

Franchise operations of non luxury items have also been quite successful that is encouraging and will make the manufacturers in UK to produce more to sell in this new market. Recognition of new brands through popularity of e-commerce is another big reason behind this emerging opportunity for businesses back in UK.

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