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Another Big Market for UK Products

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Cargo Services
Posted on 10 Oct 17

Pakistan with growing middle class is good destination for foreign Goods Among the European nations, UK is the biggest trade partner of Pakistan and there is strong possibility of rise in volume of trade in coming years as the big changes are going to happen on both sides. In recent years, there is encouraging upward […]

The Best Ways to Track Air Cargo Shipments

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Posted on 18 Aug 16

It’s simple and easy to get updates about where your shipment is right now If anyone wants to send item to any remote area or anywhere else, and also wants to deliver it on time, then air cargo is the best choice for you because it is simply faster than all the other cargo services. […]

What is Reverse Logistics and its Importance

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Manage Reverse Logistics
Posted on 7 Mar 16

Reverse logistics is one of the most operational challenges in the logistics industry, due to the complete volume and the costs linked to process of returns. Well managed and profitable reverse logistics have direct benefits. Reverse logistics is the procedure of moving the goods from their last destination with the end goal of grasping the […]

How to Differentiate GERMANY and UK Cargo Business Culture?

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UK Cargo
Posted on 22 Feb 16

According to an unscientific point of view, the decision making processes and the perception of risk are the major differences in the business culture of the UK  and Germany Both of the countries are recognized as great retail brand producers at the international podium. Both Germany and United Kingdom have a strong globalized strength of […]

AMI UK Goes Online with Cargo Web Portal

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Cargo Services
Posted on 28 Sep 15

Air Menzies International (AMI) UK Inaugurations  of the state of the art on-line cargo web portal The Air Menzies International UK is the  leading airfreight and express supplier of the world has announced its new online Quote&Book site. The new site is displayed AMI’s very progressive Express click2ship model, introduced in 2010. According to Air […]

No Bill of Lading! No Cargo Claims

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Posted on 24 Aug 15

Cargo owner has no right to claim for conversion where a shipper squared cargo into storage due to cargo owner’s failure to present a bill of lading The shipment of iron ore from Iran to china by the Defendant Shipper was a matter of dispute. The bill of lading had been released to order with […]

How Cargo Collection Teams can Beat the Weather in UK

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Delivery Man with cargo
Posted on 8 Jul 15

Sending cargo to Pakistan is such a business that has direct connections with weather conditions in UK and Pakistan. When collecting and delivering door to door, find out how delivery men can cope with worst weather UK has a bad history of weather uncertainties and surely had made its presence felt in every condition. It has […]

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