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How Cargo Ships killing the Nature?

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Cargo Shipping
Posted on 31 May 16

World¬†gears up to fight pollution and emissions of shipping industry by 2025, cargo ships are dying the underwater life The planet earth is facing some serious problems since last century, a 2.0C to 2.5C increase in the global temperature, rupture of the Ozone layer around the globe, dying of the reefs under water and a […]

Colossal Atlantic Star Cargo Ship Reaches Liverpool

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ACL Ship
Posted on 25 Apr 16

The vessel that has made Port at Liverpool weights 81,000 tonne What is it? It is a gigantic cargo ship that has been designed by the Atlantic Star. This colossal multi-purpose cargo ship has made port at the Seaforth and ever since has been turning heads of the spectators. It was built and designed in […]

Ecospeed Coated on First Energy Efficient Dry Cargo Ship

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Eeva VG Launching
Posted on 11 Apr 16

This new technology will cut the fuel consumption to almost half and make ships 100% eco-friendly What is it? The newly built m/s Eeva VG has been coated with Ecospeed which finalised at the end of January. Meriaura Group owns energy efficient dry cargo ships and the coated ship is the first of two to […]

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