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A Bomb Threat! A Question Mark for British Airways

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British Airways Bomb Threat
Posted on 14 Mar 16

British Airways flight received  a bomb threat when it was on its way to Dubai international airport from Heathrow International Airport in London in recent months

British Airways flight from Heathrow airport, London to Dubai international airport  was threatened by a man who was travelling to Dubai air cargo from the UK to Pakistan. This traveller suddenly appeared in the airline cabin and started yelling that all the passenger in the plane are going to die.

Who exposed the news?

This news was exposed by radio DJ Steve Penk, whose daughter was travelling through this plane. He exposed that his daughter was travelling with that flight to Dubai when this all happened in the plane.  His daughter Natalie Spencer was travelling with her husband’s flight to Dubai when that man started noise. DJSteve Penk used the Twitter to break this story.

He claimed that he had heard from his daughter Natalia about the bomb threat  to the British airways. She was the part of this threatened flight. According to the Natalia, it was a frightening moment for the passengers on the flight. The British Airways flight has been threatened by the passenger to blow up with an explosive material and he was carrying a bomb with him.But on the others hand it was unbelievable to hear about the worlds most reliable carrier.

What happened with the bomb man? Was the man arrested or not?

It was a very terrible moment for all the passengers on the British airways flight. All the passengers were in hideous and helpless condition.

It was very awfull that one brave passenger with five crew were trying to restrain this man with a bomb. Finally, with full might they become successful and they had to restrain him. That was a delighted moment for the passengers on the flight.

What was the reality of this man?

According to the interrogation about this man, he was a drunken man. He was crying in rage when he was arrested in the plane by the crew.

What DJ Said to Media?

During an interview to the Media DJ Steve Penk revealed that his daughter Natalai emailed him and tell him that the one cannot imagine the state of terror that the passenger of the flight has faced and his daughter was among those frightened passengers of the flight.

After a successful landing of the plane this drunken man was handed over to the police.

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