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Bright Future of Cargo Life with Rolls Royce Reckons Robot Cargo Ships

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Rolls Royce Reckons Cargo Ships
Posted on 1 Aug 16

Far efficient than the existing cargo ships with excellent cost saving plans

Rolls-Royce is always in a news to introduce the innovation in technology. This time, they entered in the cargo line-up by announcing robot cargo ships. The technology which is coordinated with Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWA). They are aiming to introduce cargo ships which will be controlled by remote access.

What did Rolls Royce VP say?

The vice president of Rolls-Royce Innovation, Engineering, and Technology, Oskar Levander has described that they are planning to launch cargo ships with the remote access driving system covering the sea voyage faster than the current cargo ships. The shore-based captains have the ability to command and control it.

Dimensions of Robot Cargo Ship

The Robot Cargo Ships are assumed to be bigger than anything afloat today. Regardless of its size, the design of Rolls-Royce Reckons Robot Cargo Ship is extremely efficient. The robot ship is also assumed to be fuel efficient by having the Flettner rotors for catching the wind and helping to save the fuel.

The future cargo ship will only carry the cargo materials. Means it doesn’t have any space for crew’s quarters and there aren’t even lifeboats or guardrails. In short, the Rolls Royce Reckons Robot Cargo Ship will cruise without a single person.

Why Rolls Royce Recons Robot Cargo Ships are Useful?

The VP of Rolls-Royce explained more that the innovation is planned because of the economic pressure being put upon the merchant fleets of the world.The innovation planned to save fuel and this will be done by converting ships to burn biofuels, by developing more efficient shape and also by installing the solar panels or wind propulsion in the form of Flettner rotors. Everything is planned to cut down the energy bills.

Apart from the all other fuel saving aspects, the biggest cost to shipping is labour. An industry consultant, Moore Stephens, explained to BBC in his interview that the labour cost is approximately 44% of the total ship cost. And in the coming Rolls Royce Reckons Robot Cargo Ships, this expense will cut down to zero.

Now the only wait is when this innovation comes to the reality, and the technology initiators are having the view that the time is not far when the ship will start floating with its full bang. Let’s wait and watch.

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