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British Airways Flight from Heathrow to Dubai Received a Bomb Threat!

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Heathrow to Dubai Received a Bomb Threat
Posted on 11 Jan 16

A man threatened the British Airways flight with a bomb when it was on its way to Dubai from Heathrow International Airport in London

British Airways flight from Heathrow to Dubai was threatened by a passenger traveling to Dubai from the UK. The passenger on board a British Airways flight from Heathrow Airport suddenly appeared in the cabin and started shouting that everyone on this plane was going to die.

Who broke the story?

This story was broken by radio J Steve Penk, who revealed that his daughter was flying with that flight to Dubai when the drama was unfolding on-board. His daughter Natalie Spencer was travelling with her husband on 8:30pm flight to Dubai when that man started shouting.

What DJ claims?

DJ has used Twitter to break this story instead of the radio or live media, in a series of tweets, he revealed that he had just heard from his daughter who flew out of Heathrow to Dubai last night.

The flight has been threatened by a passenger to blow up with a bomb and he claims that he has a bomb with him on board. DJ’s daughter said that it was the most terrifying flight, she has ever been on. Sadly tough it was one of the most reliable carriers, the great great British Airways but someone was claiming a bomb on board. How is it possible?

Was the man arrested?

It was just terrifying that five crew and one passenger were trying to restrain him. They had to restrain and handcuff him to cover with the blanket. The man then was screaming and shouting that he could not even breathe.

Who was that man?

Two hours later, the daughter of the DJ emailed her father that the man who was handcuffed was drinking for more than two hours and finally, he started shouting and howling with rage when he was detained on the plane.

She said that at that time all hell broke loose and she was also frightened and according to her, she has never experienced that much fear in her life. She felt vulnerable after this incident.

What father said?

He told the media that his daughter has been shaken up and one cannot imagine the terror that the passengers of the flight has faced and his daughter was one of those. Finally, the plane landed safely and the man was handed over to the police.

What British Airways said?

A spokesman for British Airways said that the passengers always deserve joy and love during the flight, and this kind of behavior will never be tolerated.

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