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CPEC and energy crisis of Pakistan

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China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
Posted on 16 Jul 18

Pakistan is fighting with energy shortage in order to run CPEC operations flawlessly

The calls for global energy are significantly going up day by day in the 21st century, whereas the reliance on fossil fuels including coal, oil and natural gas has become a high-priority area of interest which is about 80% of the world’s cardinal source of energy.

Looking onto the importance of fossil fuels these days is due to their ever hiking costs and their negative pay-offs on the surrounding due to the destructive outrush of greenhouse gases.

That being the case, in this regard, the dependency on nuclear power energy has been given thoughts by many countries, including Pakistan, as an effective substitute of energy supply, which is relatively cheaper also.

Energy to CPEC is the backbone to the body

Pakistan has terrific deliberate importance in South Asia due of its whereabouts, its energetic young people, its vivacious economic potential, being a nuclear power, and now being a strategic companion of China in the backdrop of the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor.

The CPEC is the best project of China’s Belt and Road (B&R) initiative and the completion of CPEC is likely to lead the way to chief economic trump card to China, Pakistan and South Asian zone.

Alike many other countries, for its economic progress based on boosting its industrial and agricultural production, energy is pretty crucial for Pakistan and it needs to mark its ongoing energy upheaval on a hurry-up basis.

In this regard, the signing of the CPEC deal with China by Pakistan in 2015 is reviewed as a milestone accomplishment, as it comprises many electricity generation projects, which will help overcome energy crisis of Pakistan.

China is helping Pakistan overcome the energy shortages

Aside from developing other ways of electricity production in Pakistan, China is so far aiding Pakistan in nuclear energy generation by coming up with nuclear power reactors, under IAEA safeguards built on deals signed in the field of nuclear collaboration.

Apart from instating Chashma 1 and Chashma 2 power plants, which are currently generating electricity in Pakistan, in 2017 China has signed another agreement with Pakistan to also set up Chashma 3 and Chashma 4 power plants.

Out of these each power plant, after winding up, will generate 1000 megawatts of electricity. As part of the CPEC project, China is also putting up two HUOLONG ONE nuclear reactors in Karachi which will be ready to be utilized door to door by the year, 2021.

After writing the CPEC settlement, China is very eager to aid Pakistan in the energy generation, as energy is needed not only for the creation of CPEC projects but also for its upcoming working.

This is due to the reason China is also going to get massive trade advantages by trading with the outside world with the help of CPEC. Having said that, apart from lending a helping hand to its friend Pakistan in energy generation, this joint action also works for China’s economic interests in an important way. That said, the CPEC is a great triumph that is ideal for Pakistan and China’s interest in an identical way.

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