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Custom Clearance in Pakistan

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Custom Clearance in Pakistan
Posted on 14 Feb 17

Efficient custom clearance process means more Trade and more Business.

One thing that can allow or restrict the goods from entering or leaving a country is its custom clearance. If the custom clearance processes are slow and taking a lot of time of the exporter or importer, this will discourage the trade which will in turn affect the business. With the contribution of technology to every sector, Government should avail its services for the betterment of the process which can be made easy and swift by their proper use. To make the custom process align to international market especially those of developed countries can increase trade among countries. Same can be said for Pakistan cargo exchange, which a more swift custom clearance needs process to prosper as a competitive country with neighboring countries.

Pakistan Customs:

Customs in Pakistan is the guardian of its borders. It not only generates revenue for the country to help in the development of under developed areas,

but it also protects its people from getting access to goods that are rated as low in the rating scale with respect of religion as well as cultural norms. It also helps to protect the domestic market, by stopping and discouraging the use of expensive items from outside the country.

Improving Road system:

Apart from improving the custom clearance at the importing port, it is very important to make the road system better to get the best A Star Cargo services. Especially it is necessary for the perishable goods to reach in time otherwise, if the shelf life ends this will result in the waste of the goods.

If for example a foreign company places an order to the home country, and it does not reach on time the business will suffer as the credibility of the consignee is questioned by the customer in such a case. So, a proper road system is necessary for on time delivery of cargo to the destination.

Current system prevailing:

Fast and simple custom clearance process is a key to increase in trade and cargo exchange between the countries. Before the year 2002, Pakistan was using the old system for clearing goods in the customs. But as the world was turning to a new system that was swift as well as more reliable and simple, Government of Pakistan also started to avail the single window system. In this system the freighter just have to clear the cargo on one point only with all the data already present in the computer and there is no need to acquire documents by the higher authorities again and again that takes a lot of time, also checking of the documents is done at one point and there is no need of going through the process again and again.

On one hand it creates hassle and tension and discourages the shipper to agree on transportation to such a country while on the other hand it raises the freight rates. In 2005 this new system was introduced at Karachi Port and since then it is being used at the ports for custom clearance.

Due to the one window system, the tariffs reduced dramatically and the custom revenue increased. Since then a new era started in the trade and cargo exchange in the country.

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