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How to Differentiate GERMANY and UK Cargo Business Culture?

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Posted on 22 Feb 16

According to an unscientific point of view, the decision making processes and the perception of risk are the major differences in the business culture of the UK  and Germany

Both of the countries are recognized as great retail brand producers at the international podium. Both Germany and United Kingdom have a strong globalized strength of the economy. It is surprising that the retailer of both the countries earned the high reverence as well as high profit.

What are the key  differences in retail supply chains of Germany and the UK?

The contrast in the retail supply chain of the Germany and the UK is likewise recognizable in the way that retail supply chains are run.

The experienced and well established retailers of Germany and the UK have all the basic tools in order to measure the all essential Key Performance Indicators and the availability of the stock in the supply chain. The basic objective is to decrease the instances of out of stock products and to increase the accessibility.

The distribution of the stock

The retailer and supplier collaboration enhances the benefits in the business. The stock distribution is the most noticeable difference in both the markets. The retailers of United Kingdom send the products in the market for the purpose of sale and to earn the maximum profit margin. On the other hand the tendency of the Germans is a bit different from the Britishers.

The Germans have a tendency to shape an extra coating of logic on top of simple sales based rules to gain enduring business profits. Both the British and German approaches of the stock distribution in the market for the business benefits are unlike from each other.

Retailers Relationship with Suppliers

The retailer and supplier relationship is the major difference in the superstructure of German’s and Britishers. Both countries used different strategies for the growth of supply chain business. The retailers and supplier collaboration is important in the UK’s retail system. The British retailer shares the retail data to the supplier more commonly.

According to the British point of view, the information sharing system provides them a smoother business process, but it is not sure in the supply chain system. In certain situations the retailer and supplier relationship is considerable but Germans are more clever than the British, they like to be certain before committing to doing something. The British retailer shares twofold information to suppliers as compare to Germans.

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