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Pakistani Army has Taken the Responsibility to Protect the CPEC

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Posted on 23 May 16

It is the top priority for the Pakistani brave army to protect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, nowadays

Pakistan army, which is known as lions of the world, has taken the responsibility to protect the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor from its enemies. Now, it is peacefully expected that there is no power in the world that would try to touch CPEC for creating the bad blood. China is feeling calm after got the protection statement behalf of Pakistani Army.

What did Pakistan’s military spokesperson Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa say?

Asim Saleem Bajwa said that there is an existed integrated mechanism not only of all the state but also provincial security operators. A complete security division has been properly assembled that consists of around 15,000 people. A valiant major general commands it, with full responsibility.

A proper security division will be equally fixed together for the southern areas of Pakistan. There are a lot of people, who are working honestly, as there are 12,000 to 13,000 engineers and workers of China while working on the CPEC project in Pakistan, it is the great responsibility of Pakistan army to make the protection of those all worthy people. Pakistani army is ready to save their lives as it protect the life of itself.

What is According to Military Spokesperson?

According to Pakistan’s Military Spokesperson, the Pakistani army mans are waiting for the enemies that when they will let their self to touch the power of Pakistani army man’s then they will show their strength to them. They are providing plenty things such as security for building the CPEC, management of CPEC, developing roads and infrastructure.

The Pakistan army engineers are working hard to develop a lot of things while paying full character in the construction of CPEC. They are developing a road aboult 874 KM long in the Baluchistan province in the south of Pakistan and have already completed 670 kilometers while working by leaps and bounds. Subsequently, the Pakistan army is letting itself to do both work namely the security and the construction work for the road. The construction is being assumed in remote regions in parts of the CPEC by intelligent engineers of army and engineers of army units.

Is CPEC Way to Catch the Prosperity?

Yeah! The CPEC will try to make the condition of Pakistan as fly from earth to sky and is fortunate opportunity for Pakistan to do the better socio-economic condition of its underprivileged areas and populace. The project will bring a lot of happiness to bright the future of Pakistan, therefore any man wants to participate in the development of CPEC.

What’s About Special thing named Cargo?

It is expected that Sea cargo will let itself to move from China to Gwadar Port along the highways by the end of 2016.

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