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Send cargo to Pakistan with British Airways now

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Posted on 9 Jul 19

After a decade of suspended operations in the country, British Airways finally touched down at Islamabad International airport Pakistan

The resumed processes of British Airways after more than 11 years to Pakistan, it will help the cargo companies and people in the UK to send air cargo to Pakistan even faster and well on schedule. The decision spurred in part after Pakistan army’s outstanding performance and wins against the terrorism in the region in the past few decades.

When was the flight operation resumed?

The flight operation according to the Pakistani media resumed on 2nd of June and a British Airways flight BA261, a Boeing 787 Dreamliner touched down the Pakistani soil with 240 passengers on board at 9:25 Pakistan local time.

Air Cargo
Air freight

The higher authorities from the prime minister’s cabinet along with British High commissioner, welcome the flight at Islamabad International Airport. Both the Union Jack and national flag of Pakistan were waved from the cockpit roof hatch as a gesture of friendship and a welcome note.

British Airways office in Islamabad           

The country welcomes British Airways will help improve operations from the UK to Pakistan cargo, tourism in the country, and will also send positive signals to the global community that Pakistan is a peaceful place to live in and world’s most beautiful place for your summer holidays.

It will also help global businesses to come to Pakistan as it is a secure place to do business as well. The British high commissioner Thomas Drew has also the same thoughts expressed to media.

Addressing to the press conference with the local media, Drew stated that it is a big day for him as British flag carrier is finally back and two countries will help strengthen the relationship between two countries who are already much closer in many ways.

What gives British Airways confidence?

The government of Imran Khan is being considered a good sign for the economy and overall progress of Pakistan in all areas thus the vote of confidence comes from the prime minister of Pakistan, Mr Imran Khan, British Airways resumes their flights to Pakistan.

The airline suspended its operations in Pakistan in 2008 after the deadly bombing in Marriot Hotel Islamabad. Now they have resumed their flights from London Heathrow to Islamabad, three flights every week will come to Islamabad.

Air Cargo
Air Cargo

How this drive would help cargo to Pakistan?

There are hundreds of tons of cargo sent to Pakistan every month from the UK, companies use air cargo operations for express deliveries, Pakistan International Airlines was the only direct flight to Pakistan from the UK and they have only two flight every week.

All this situation increases the workload on the cargo companies but with the flight operations of the British airlines, the companies would enjoy around 6 flights every week including PIA and BA trips to Pakistan.

The commissioner on this issue stated that the flight operation is the symbol of solid links between our nations, from e-commerce to cargo, culture to cricket, politics to education, we are linked with each other. He considered the new flight to Pakistan as a symbol of confidence in the future. It will give a boost to trade and investment in the UK and it is, of course, a true sign of good security situation in the country now.

The secretary of state Liam Fox stated that the flight operations between both countries will give a great boost to trade between the two countries. Pakistani traders’ cargo vegetables and perishable food items to the UK using every flight going to the UK, now this trade will further improve. It is the first European airline which has returned to Pakistan.

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