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Something Very Special was Delivered from Stansted Airport

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Etihad Cargo Airways
Posted on 28 Nov 16

Etihad Air Cargo delivered 70 special racehorses with special treatments

Etihad Airways, a well-known cargo service providers from UK to Pakistan were assigned very important, rare and heavy duty task of taking more than 70 elite racehorses which worth more than £36million.

Not only this, the horses were the special guests at that moment and were given very special treatment as they were flown from London Stansted Airport via Air Cargo.

Air Cargo Division of Etihad Airways

In the European racing season, the air cargo division of Etihad airways were asked to transport the elite horses from UK to Kuwait after racing season. There, all the 72 racehorses will spend the whole winter months racing in Middle Eastern climate.

This task was done by the special air cargo aircraft carrier’s stat of the art Boeing 777 freighters. The air craft was lavishly equipped with comfortable seating for up to 75 horses at a time.

What did SVP of Etihad Cargo say?

Senior Vice President of Etihad Cargo, David Kerr said, “Safety is the most important thing for our equine customers, which is why it is imperative we offer a safe and reliable service on all of our shipments. In 2016, alone Etihad Cargo has been entrusted to transport more than 1200 horses.

With several more large shipments scheduled before the end of the year.

Head of London Stansted Airport Cargo Reviews

Canon Busby, MAG’s head of cargo and the owner of Stansted Airport said that they were too much delighted that the Etihad Air Cargo did the perfect job and they were satisfied on their selection.

The airport is the UK’snumber one airport for horse travel and handles many specialist flights every year.

Taking the compliment from the best cargo company in UK is in itself a big compliment for Etihad Air Cargo.

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