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Stubborn Behavior making problems for Brexit which effects trading and cargo industry as well

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Posted on 8 Aug 19

Not the government or the opposition showing flexibility on this serious issue

There is a thing called excepting others point of view and giving a chance which is not been exercised in case of Brexit. The blame is on the government that it has misjudged everything in the view of Conservatives. And it is true to some extent also.

But now what the opposition is doing is also not the right way to decide such national issues. On the other side, Mrs May is also not a compromising soul sticking to what she thinks is right for the future of the country. A permanent customs union meaning there will be no tariffs/taxes while dealing with EU countries and option of another referendum on Brexit.

On the other side even the leading party MPs are still under confusion which way to go for; agree to Brexit or not or the referendum. So outside and inside the party, there are many issues confusing everything?

Air Freight.jpg
Air Freight.jpg

Now the dramatic twist is that Conservatives are against the customs union because they think that it will again restrict UK decision power and a second referendum may not be clear again. In simple words, this party wants Brexit strongly but without such a deal or no deal at all. This could hit badly the trading and both sea and air cargo industry.

A resignation in progress

On 3rd June PM will again try to get a majority vote in the parliament to get things to straighten up and have an agreement on the deal. But if this does not happen then PM will resign. The party elections will choose a new leader and then things will come back to a normal routine.

But some people think that the Brexit matter should be solved under Theresa May. The thought behind is that they do not have to face the sudden blow of such a high tension matter this way. But the deadline for securing a position is till this last vote.

The current situation created by most of the members of parliament is not at all a suitable one to solve the deadlock. There has to be a sense in everything talked about which is lacking at the moment.

Things will clear up or tangled again

Election or any other thing is not a way to get rid of the situation. Either you are going to exit or stay is the only result here. For now, parliament at large is indecisive of what should happen.

UK Cargo
UK Cargo

Mistakes are a part of life and Theresa May did them but this does not mean that when now she is trying to resolve things at the best of her abilities she should not be given a chance.

The hardships behind agreement on the deal

EU was not agreeing on anything whenever a proposal was presented to them. The present one was the only one which was accepted and the present PM does not want to lose it and it makes sense.

If agreed on the deal on 3rd June and then amendments are talked with EU and then consequences to agreement or disagreement follows. It is easy to talk while sitting behind rather than being in the situation in reality.

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