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Cargo City at Budapest

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Cargo Sector
Posted on 26 Nov 19

Countries are keen to attract more cargo business by offering better facilities A new concept of cargo city has been introduced in Budapest just to increase air cargo traffic from rival airports. With such competition in near future airports in Europe surely lures cargo-carriers trough better facilities and less clearance time. Being part of Eastern […]

Every Key Player Keen to Expand Cargo Facilities

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Cargo to Pakistan from UK
Posted on 12 Jun 18

A positively changing environment has encouraged traders to export to Pakistan Trade expansion among nations due to multiple reasons has engaged freight forwarders more than ever before. Cargo to Pakistan from UK is also on the rise. Direct cargo flights to this destination are not in plenty so most of the cargo traffic takes to […]

Brexit: UK Cargo Industry Hopes To Keep the Cargo Moving

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Posted on 27 Jun 16

52 percent British people decided to leave the European Union, Cargo Industry has warned on the exit that cargo will suffer The referendum on the decision to remain in or to leave the European Union was on 23rd of June and it was a truly big day in the UK. The overall turnout was remained […]

Transportation of Pharmacuticles by Air Cargo

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Pharmacy Packing
Posted on 15 Feb 16

The Air cargo industry is playing a vital role in the transportation of pharmaceuticals The international pharma industry is growing, the air cargo share of international pharmaceutical product transportation has decreased. The handling of the pharma industry is a very difficult business.  The Pharma industry is the world’s third largest industry, which is playing an […]

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