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Trading Between UK and Pakistan will Increase in Upcoming Year and so the Cargo Business

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Posted on 1 Sep 20

The future predictions are very encouraging on both sides

The size of the Pakistan’s economy will surpass that of Britain in the coming year, and this is massive news for exporters in this subcontinent. If this happens, it will become one of the largest economy in the world and will have far more opportunities for international trade with both sea and Air Cargo.

Air Freight.jpg
Air Freight.jpg

The decline in fuel prices and lower fuel rates due to the fall in technology prices have also fuelled this trend in Asian countries. Brexit had little effect as many business professionals offer a silver lining to the UK business class.

With these big expectations, business related individuals will have openings in the second most populous country in the world. The UK to Pakistan Cargo Trade Council has been very active in providing all kinds of assistance to British manufacturers to earn a place in the growing market. With such help, surely UK will inevitably be more in the big markets.

Various factors lead to British exports

The weak pound is also a factor behind the growth of exports from the United Kingdom, and global growth has also prompted companies to move into new markets. Recent data has revealed the fact that many of the country’s exporters have started launching their products in Pakistan and Australia.

This growth in commodity exports will be strong in the coming months. Demand for cargo containers booked for these routes has also increased, and specialized companies are gaining more business for export through Cargo to Pakistan from UK.

As one of the most reputed countries, operations can become remarkably smooth if the freight forwarding company has the knowledge and appropriate network not only in the UK but in Pakistan as well. Current international traders have increased their volumes, but the number of new exporters is still low.

freight services
freight services

Cargo increases as demand increases in Pakistan

When you look at the statistics of bilateral trade between the two countries, they are not as encouraging as they should be because of the strong partnership in various fields since the independence of Pakistan.

But a free trade agreement will give it the motivation it needs, and there will be a twenty-five per cent increase. The United Kingdom’s manufacturing industry will reap the maximum benefits as exports to this country increase by fifty per cent.

These future predictions are very encouraging on both sides, and the work done at different levels in this regard certainly makes things possible.

The country’s strong middle class

Pakistan’s major exports from the UK are machinery, technical and medical apparatus, mineral fuels, distillation products, boilers and miscellaneous chemical products, and all these will be heavily shipped in the coming years due to their demand. The urban middle class is one of the largest middle class consumer markets in the country, with over 250 million.

This increased the demand for British products as more and more people are buying high value foreign goods. The formal agreement will undoubtedly produce positive effects in maintaining a favourable climate between the governments and businesses on both sides and are coming forward for such a deal in the near future. 

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