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UK Running out of Capacity! Airports Expansion will be the next big thing

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Heathrow and Gatwick Airports
Posted on 8 Nov 16

In the first phase of Airport Expansion, Heathrow and Gatwick airports are under consideration

It is clear like a sunny day that Heathrow airport is one of the largest airports, not only in the Europe but the world. If we measure the airport progress on the passengers served bases, it is the second largest airport in the world after Dubai International Airport.

Heathrow is now running at its full capacity and same is the case of Gatwick airport. Heathrow has a sole terminal to manage cargo but it is not enough for the UK cargo deliveries.

Government was using Gatwick airport as a helping hand but now it is also running out of capacity. Now the government is looking for the options to build the new runway on either airport the London Heathrow or the Gatwick.

But the question is the feasibility that which one will suit the best in these conditions when Heathrow is getting congested. Heathrow cannot handle the cargo coming from other countries or the cargo from UK to India, Pakistan and across the globe.

Heathrow is also using the methods of handling cargo that cause the delay in clearing the cargo consignments. On other hand, the rivals of the Heathrow airport expecting that t will go out of capacity in next couple of years. Here the need arise of new airport, or new runway.

By keeping it simple and clear, why hasn’t the option of expanding both airports at the same time to keep the cargo flowing. Government is considering expansion on one airport, Heathrow or Gatwick.

They should seriously consider the both options at the same time. But at the expansion of airports in the UK, politics involved a lot, although they are facing public opposition, environmental constraints may be there, and the arguments from economic experts as well but the politics is the major opponent.

Two Runways or new Airport?

After getting a general consensus, the majority of strong arguments are coming in the favour of building two runways at the Gatwick Airport and an independence cargo runway at the Heathrow Airport.

The airport commission has released the final report last year on the expansion of the airports. They mentioned in their report that the London airports are using more than 90 percent of their available resources and by 2030 they will be going out of capacity and the airport system will be using 95 percent capacity. They have given the deadline of 2040 and said that there will be no chance handling the passengers and cargo by next 20 years the government will need an expansion. The Stansted airport would be the only option in 2040. The commission has recommended that there is a serious need for a new runway connected with the same building by next 10 years. They also said that the demand can even increase by 2050.

What experts said?

The chief economist in the UK, Peter Morris believes that making two new runways at the same makes a strong business sense as airports are running out of capacity because this extension will add some extra capacity but a single runway will only fulfill the needs of the time.

He is chief economist at the aviation consultancy Ascend in the UK. He also believes that the Heathrow should be the main focus as it is the hub and extra capacity is needed at this business hub. The Heathrow airport itself focuses on the business traffic and all long routed services while the Gatwick manages the short haul flights, luxury services and less cargo, so it is necessary that both should be extended.

He said that the Government should use two options at the same time to handle the situation. He said that after the Brexit, it is not sure about the industry situation that which way it will be going in the future, however the growth is expected and the GTMC on other hand, they handle Business travel firms. They are also in the favour of handling both airports at the same time.

The GTMC said that both airports have different capacities and different networks for international flights and connecting different destinations to the UK. Both of the airports are important to sustain the UK economic growth. The chief executive of the GTMC was talking to the media.

The analysts from different airlines, they have clear preferences for the extension at the Heathrow airport. The majority of the businesses would welcome a second runway at the airport. However the luxury businesses have their most interests in the Gatwick airport so that they are in the favour of the new runway at Gatwick airport.

A number of experts believe that both airports will increase the competition between two airports with the aid of best facilities and lower charges at the airports. The chief executive of the Ryanair, Michael O’Leary has different views and he said that the new runways be on Heathrow, Stansted and Gatwick at the same time.

This reading is based on the BBC report on the airport expansion. One of the experts at news agency asked about the options of building the new runways at London’s both airports at the same time. He argued that the extension is necessary and the analogy of the Motorway, M25 is also important in this expansion. He believes that if any other airport will be selected, another expansion will be required.

The UK authorities should consider it seriously to expand the trade of the nation with the world. It will be possible after the extension on the airports.

The Opponents of the extensions

The downside of these extensions is based on the strong arguments against new runways. The major factors are environment, local community and congestion. The environmental agencies are arguing that the airport extension will cause serious health problems in the area. Local community is already against the extension.

In all these conditions, even building a single runway looks like a difficult challenge and trying to build two at the same time when politics is at peak, would be impossible maybe.

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