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Air Cargo Facts For The UK to Pakistan

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Air cargo
Posted on 26 Aug 21

Knowledge creates options, explore the field Today the people of the world are in hurry. They want everything to be done quickly so that they can move to the next task. We barely have time to eat. There is always a source that can help us have our work done fast. When it comes to […]

UK Cargo Service Provider Hit Upon a New Idea

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Posted on 21 Oct 19

With this special service by a renowned service provider, complete transportation will be managed The United Kingdom though presently in a political turmoil enjoys a pivotal place in world trade. Being one of the biggest trade hubs exports all around the world is carried out of the United Kingdom. Britain’s export to Pakistan through sea […]

Sending Cargo to Pakistan? Know Custom Duties and Taxes

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Cargo Services
Posted on 24 Jun 19

Before you send the cargo to Pakistan from UK, know the custom obligations and charges to pay on landing into Pakistan Merchants and people sending or getting a cargo to Pakistan might be thankful to pay traditions obligations, import duties and different assessments. The strategies are easy to accuse the payload merchandise of assessments and […]

United Kingdom focuses more on No EU Countries

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Cargo Services
Posted on 10 Jun 19

Goods transportation is done through cargo services and their role is critical in this process The United Kingdom and Pakistan have been enjoying good relations since the independence of the later. Trade and economic ties are of great importance and volume of bilateral trade between the two nations have now been focused much as both […]

While selecting a Cargo Service

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Cargo Sector
Posted on 6 May 19

There could be advised in this regard but the most basic aspects which need to be considered The countries functioning as hubs for international trade have to keep improving their cargo facilities so that the ever-growing international trade in the world can be catered. For this new cargo service providers are coming forward and veterans […]

Another Big Market for UK Products

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Cargo Services
Posted on 10 Oct 17

Pakistan with growing middle class is good destination for foreign Goods Among the European nations, UK is the biggest trade partner of Pakistan and there is strong possibility of rise in volume of trade in coming years as the big changes are going to happen on both sides. In recent years, there is encouraging upward […]

VN Cargo Carriers are Having a Tough Time

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Cargo Shipping
Posted on 28 Dec 15

Vietnam is all set to transport between 500 million and 600 million tonnes of sea cargo this year The target that Vietnam has set for sea cargo delivery is between 500 to 600 million tonnes this year but Vinamarine is hoping, under the strongest development in country’s industrial transport sector, that by 2020 they will […]

The Changes in Sea Freight

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Posted on 23 Nov 15

The post world war emergence of shipping  industry Before 1950, Europe saw a chaotic time in all fields as the World War II influenced Europe seriously. It caused disturbance almost in every field of life and damaged the social as well as economic and industrial life. Some innovation and development occurred in Europe in the […]

London will Host Air Cargo Conference 2015!

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Delivery Man with cargo
Posted on 16 Nov 15

The big names will sit together to discuss issues related to International Air Cargo Services for pharma products London will host the annual Air Cargo News Life Science and Pharmaceutical Conference 2015. The Conference will be held at Lancaster Hotel London on 14-15th of December. The registration desk will open on Sunday 13th of December. […]

A Corridor to Success for Pakistan Railways

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Posted on 9 Nov 15

A big aid of Islamabad has helped in recovery of Pakistan Railways. Will it be used to pick up the necessary steps to get on track again? The current condition of Pakistan Railways is very worst. Due to lack of rail engines and rail cars to run its operations, it has come to the gyre […]

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