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The key players in the UK have found that the solution to cater to exceeding demand for goods transportation

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Cargo Services
Posted on 19 Apr 19

Changing Cargo Industry New and innovative approaches in the cargo industry are increasingly welcomed by the authorities and funds for their adoption are being fixed. The United Kingdom is one of the biggest cargo hubs in the world and from here the goods transportation is carried out to all parts of the globe. This is […]

The Current Fiscal Year Sees Karachi Port Trust Handle 50.227M Tons of Sea Cargo

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Cargo Vessels
Posted on 3 Aug 18

The Hard work of KPT staff is paying off to the Fullest Pakistan is a developing country with its economy mostly dependent on agriculture and trade. Seaports play a critical role for countries with coastal areas. Karachi is one of those few cities of Pakistan with at the bank of a coastal line and is […]

Oceanic Cargo Freight Rates to Pakistan Depends on Different Things

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Posted on 12 Feb 18

Fluctuation in dollar and fuel price is very important in this connection Oceanic cargo freight rates are important for Indian cargo movement Water is the main source to move cargo from UK to Pakistan and we have oceans, seas and canals to move this business on throughout the year. Ocean cargo business is the most […]

10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game

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10 Busiest Sea Ports of the World! China Leads the game
Posted on 23 Nov 17

China leads the game of world’s busiest ports as our list has more than half cargo ports owned by the Republic of China China leads the seaports business race and sits at more than half of the top 10 ports, however, remaining are also in the dominance of China to some extent e.g. Singapore port […]

Air Freight Rate is Expensive But it Facilitates You

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Air Cargo
Posted on 13 Nov 17

Different aspects are involved to calculate freight rate International air freight rate depends on different aspects of cargo line Cargo transportation business is deeper than ocean and vast than a desert. It is the real business which interlinked all other businesses of this world especially in trade field. Trade field require goods, products, raw material […]

10 Largest Container Carriers in the World

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10 Largest Container Carriers in the World
Posted on 24 Aug 17

There are many container carriers across the globe but what are the largest companies that manage the container cargo Container cargo is no doubt one of the main and essential styles of cargo shipping through ocean routes. In today’s modern times, there is not any monopoly existing by anybody or the container delivery organizations leading […]

Freight Rates Fluctuation Effects The Cargo Business

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Sea Cargo
Posted on 9 Aug 17

Many factors are involved in this fluctuation Ocean freight rates effect Cargo business generally Ocean cargo business is the most solid and considerable way of transportation of things in between continents. Water is the main source to move this transportation and we have oceans, seas and canals to move this business on throughout the year. […]

How Sea Cargo is Affected By War Against Terrorism?

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Sea Cargo Ship
Posted on 6 Jul 17

The Terrorism and war against this curse affects the Sea Cargo and lefts detrimental results of conflict on the sea transport as well The terrorism has reached to our doorstep. It’s not reached, it is delivered. In the result of a war against terror in Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq etc, we have developed more terrorists and […]

Sea Cargo Business is Directly Linked with Good Weather

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Posted on 7 Jun 17

Safety of cargo vessels is important Good and suitable weather conditions are very important in sea cargo business Seasonal trade or cargo business is very common all over the world. Different region of this world has different weather conditions. Due to harsh weather ports and harbors of Europe and pole countries remain freeze and sea […]

Safety Should be the First Priority in Cargo Business

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Safety in Cargo Business
Posted on 20 Mar 17

Cargo needs great care especially in handling and shipping Apply “Safety first” policy in Cargo In transport, goods and cargo business, risk factors are always there. There may be loss of goods, vehicle can get an accident during travelling and natural calamities can create problem etc. That’s why insurance companies play their part to recover […]

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