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10 Largest Container Carriers in the World

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10 Largest Container Carriers in the World
Posted on 24 Aug 17

There are many container carriers across the globe but what are the largest companies that manage the container cargo

Container cargo is no doubt one of the main and essential styles of cargo shipping through ocean routes. In today’s modern times, there is not any monopoly existing by anybody or the container delivery organizations leading to an absolute absence of abrasion and tension in the global cargo carrying bodies.

There are many international cargo delivery businesses that lead the game of delivering cargo across the globe, but when it comes to the size, or in terms of the dimensions of operation of their delivery strains, there are several container shipping companies that are leading from the front. We have compiled a list of ten of these main cargo shipping corporations of all delivery traces:

1- Maersk line

626 cargo carriers

500 container ships

2.8m TEU shipping capacity

A cargo shipping giant based in Denmark, Maersk delivery Line is a division of the AP Moller- Maersk company. Universally well-known for its giant fleet of container ships and wide-ranging freight services, the Maersk Line made its debut in the global container shipping environment in 1904. At the moment, the corporation has a fleet of around 626 cargo ships with a potential of around 2.8 million TEU (Twenty-Foot equivalent items).

2- MSC

482 cargo carriers

471 container carriers

2.43 million TEU shipping capacity

The Mediterranean cargo corporation, abbreviated to MSC is a Swiss cargo organisation which was founded in 1970. Currently it is well known cargo handler across the globe with a vessel line-up of over 471 container ships; the conglomerate is rated to be one of the massive cargo firms in the world.


449 cargo carriers

428 container carriers

1.55 million TEU shipping capacity

The third largest and leading container delivery corporation, CMA-CGM got here into existence in the year 1978, consequently of series of mergers between beforehand centered transport organisations.

Jacques Saade is the key person used to be the instrumental force behind its coming into energetic operation. At the moment, the cargo company has a fleet of over 449 ships calling at 400 ports across the globe where total 512 commercial ports are working globally.

4- APL

156 cargo carriers

150 container vessels

1.1m TEU cargo shipping capacity

An auxiliary company to the Singaporean Orient delivery lines, APL is an abbreviation for American President Lines. Instigated in 1848, the delivery conglomerate just celebrated its 160th anniversary in 2008 and now it is 168 years old Cargo Company.

One of the oldest shipping companies with noteworthy achievements, one of the greatest achievements of the company is that it was once the primary corporation to successfully utilise extra-big (53 feet) containers on its vessels, accounting for shorter cargo transportation.

5- Hapag-Lloyd

200 cargo shipping vessels

167 container carriers

1m TEU cargo shipping capacity

Hapag-Lloyd is a German based sea cargo carrier and one of the most renowned and well-featured businesses in terms of global cargo shipping organizations. The company came into being in 1970, as a result of a merger between the Hamburg-American Line and the North German Corporation Lloyd. At the moment, the shipping corporation has over 200 ships catering to about five million containers on a global scale. It has a combine capacity of handling 1 million TEU.

6- Evergreen Marine manufacturer

200 ocean vessels

190 container ships

850,000 TEU shipping capacity

A cargo delivery conglomerate based in China, the Evergreen Marine Company started its operations in 1968 with the help of Dr. Yung-Fa Chang, a visionary in his own apt. At the moment, the corporation has work centered all over the world and with an operational ability of more than a hundred and ninety container ships is observed as to be one the largest cargo delivery organizations on this planet.


283 cargo carriers

173 container carriers

786,252 TEU shipping capacity

The China Ocean shipping company or COSCO, as it is universally recognized is among the largest conglomerates in the segment of container shipping. At present the organisation’s set-ups are ranging in more than 40 nations with a fleet of just under 200 container ships.

8- NYK line

776 ocean vessels

155 containerships

506,000 TEU shipping capacity

An acronym for the Japanese cargo giant company Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha, the NYK is no doubt one of the largest cargo firms running internationally. The manufacturer has been in operation since 1870s.

They operated passenger lines in the past, participated in the wars, still operating wooden carriers, and they also have their own air fleet operating a passenger fleet-line before present process but now it is working as the line’s own helping hand.


156 cargo vessels

150 container cargo shipping vessels

706,000 TEU

CSCL is the abbreviation for the China shipping Container lines, an organization founded in Shanghai. It started its operations in 1997, the company soon rose amongst its ranks and in these days has propelled not just itself but in addition the nation to the heights within the container shipping industry. The corporation finds its identity in each the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock Exchanges. Company has targets to increase its capacity to 2 million TEU by 2018.

10- Hanjin

70 cargo carriers

24 container shipping carriers

183,088 TEU

Hanjin shipping company is one of the greatest Asian cargo firms on Earth and it is based in South Korea. At the moment, the organization is facing a massive financial slump in 2016 and has a decreased cargo capacity of 183,088 TEU with around a fleet of about 70 ships out of which only 24 container ships are in operation.

In the 2003, Hanjin and COSCO shaped a strategic alliance. The new kind of cargo alliance in Asia has benefited each cargo shipping corporation and powered them to an explicit role as Asia’s main cargo shipping business of its own kind. COSCO is far larger than the Hanjin shipping company.

Container cargo shipping across the globe is a noteworthy business and these key passionate container handlers are aware of the smallest operational directions necessary to strengthen them to being the leaders within the industrial shipping or even the domestic cargo shipping, now not just in their native countries or their home nations but also worldwide.

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