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A Marginally Strong 2nd Quarter for Cargo Sector

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Posted on 12 Oct 15

TIA reports steady gains in Q2 brokered freight shipments and margins

According to the report issued by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) growth in brokered freight transportation deliveries and total invoice dollars were basic themes in the Second Quarter 2015.

TIA issued the 26th edition of this report and this report was prepared by the monthly data which is collected from the TIA member companies. These companies submitted the actual working records and answer to the question on business environments impacting the 3PL sector. The overall revenue of the second quarter for all TIA study members at approximately $2.97 billion was increased 9.1 percent yearly, and total consignments at 1,602,775 shows  a 9.9 percent bump yearly.

The average statement per delivery of $1,850 decrease up to 0.7 percent, with profit income margin percentage up 80 basis points to 16.0 percent. Key second quarter metrics by mode

Inter modal

Consignments at 268,839 were increased 2.2 percent yearly, with the demand amount per cargo decrease 3.6 percent at $2,852, and profit income margin percentage up 130 basis points at 10.2 percent.


The shipments rise 12.6 percent every year at 1,176,251, with an invoice volume per load depressed 5.9 percent at $1,774, profit margin per load up 7.9 percent at $291, and profit margin percentage up 210 basis points at 16.4 percent.

Less than truckload

The loads fall 5.5 percent yearly at 130,516, invoice amount per load cut 2.6 percent at $400, profit margin per load down 0.3 percent at $75, and profit margin percentage up 50 basis points at 18.7 percent.

Mark Christos member of the TIA Board of Directors and vice president of Matson Logistics said in an interview that there has been a solid drive with the data of the report over the last some quarters and going back to around the third quarter of 2014 which passed over the first and second quarters of 2015. He further added that it shows a category of volume progress in spite of ups and downs in revenue and income and profit margins.

He said that this data shows how transporters and traders continue to trust on 3PL services as a basic element of their combination with the industry, serving as a source, solution, and strategy for many haulers of all sizes.

The whole performance of data of second quarter is a not more solid than the expectations, especially on the truckload section. Mark Christos said that with cargo volumes rising for four successive quarters.

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