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Air Freight Rate is Expensive But it Facilitates You

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Posted on 13 Nov 17

Different aspects are involved to calculate freight rate

International air freight rate depends on different aspects of cargo line

Cargo transportation business is deeper than ocean and vast than a desert. It is the real business which interlinked all other businesses of this world especially in trade field. Trade field require goods, products, raw material and other utilities of life which are necessary for day to day life and trade life or trade business is nothing except transportation of goods from one place to other according to needs and demands of that market or community.

Transportation department is divided into many subtitles such as carts, chariots, mechanical vehicles, sea vessels and air cargo planes. All these play their role in this mega business of the world according to their power and necessity.

Air cargo transportation is the most efficient one in the day’s cargo business

There are different mediums to transport things from one place to the other and it is the fastest medium to transport things. Air freight rate is very high because it is the swiftest medium. It is 40 times speedier than sea cargo transport. An air plane with load reaches up to 575m/h where as a sea vessel moves at 16-20m/h. It is the fact that 95% of world’s cargo transportation based on sea cargo transportation and rest of the percentage uses other different mediums. We cannot deny the importance of sea vessels cargo transportation, but on the same hand we don’t forget the speedy way of transportation, air planes transportation.

Cargo companies have their own planes to

grab cargo business, though it is very costly medium to use for cargo, but people use this medium. Time is money and sea cargo is very passive though effective but passive so people want to convey their normal things of small sizes to their love ones in quick manners, so air planes having their own importance.

Calculation of freight rates are based on some basic things

Sea vessels are enormous in sizes and plenty of space they have for big and odd things but in air plans, limited shelves are there to store luggage or cargo. Air cargo freight rate is calculated by a formula of weight, distance, importance and above all time management. Urgent cargo delivery requires your solid links with all international airlines to accommodate your packet in the readiest flight to the destination, cost doesn’t matter but sometimes time is more valuable than money it is the major aspect that directly affect the freight rate of cargo.

Weight of your packet is important when you are going for air cargo transportation. Air planes take some limited quantity of weight, so each and every gram of weight is important and it has directly influence on the cost of the cargo. Distant destinations are always costly as remote and far destinations are due to lack of flights and lack of availability of a plane in normal routine. If your packet and cargo goods nose towards a destination where thousands of flights are available to attend your packet, freight rate will definitely low than a destination where a flight reaches after a week.

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