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Brussels’ Zaventem Airport Under Terrorist Attacks

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Posted on 28 Mar 16

Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the suicide attacks at Brussels Airport and metro station, in the departure hall of Zaventem airport 31 killed and more than 220 injured.

At least 31 killed and more than 220 injured in the terrorist attacks at Zaventem airport and at Maelbeek metro station near the buildings of the European Union in the capital of Belgian.

Islamic State has taken the responsibility for the bomb attacks in which 31 killed and more than 220 were injured on Tuesday. It is a dreadful incident in the history of the Brussels.

Islamic State launches attacks on airport and station

According to the ISIS news agency the ISIS fighter carried out a series of bombings with the dangerous explosive belts. The news agency further added that the terrorists opened the fire at the Zaventem airport and some of them blow up the suicide belts in the airport attacks.

During the morning rush hours within an hour two bombs had blown up in the airport hall and third in the Maelbeek metro station. Belgian security agency appealed for help finding one of three men captured on closed circuit cameras moving luggage trolleys through the airport lounge. According to the statement of Federal Prosecutor Van Leeuw, two of them were suspected bombers, while the third man with the hat was being sought.

The planned bombings came days after Belgian authorities cautioned of conceivable attacks taking after the capture in a Brussels shootout on Friday of Salah Abdeslam, the main known survivor of the 10 Islamist fighters who killed 130 individuals in a string of suicide bombings and shootings in Paris in November.

Belgium, raised its fear alert to its large amount. The Zaventem airport was completely emptied and all flights suspended until Wednesday morning.Trains were cancelled for many days, and the Brussels metro system close down and other airports through the Europe increased the security.

International commiserations for Belgian

The International community is also doleful at that dreadful incident and pledged its full support in the solidarity of Belgian. American President Barack Obama pledged to do whatever is necessary to help Belgian authorities.

He said that America stands in solidarity with Belgian in condemning these shocking attacks against innocent people, he also said that the international community must unite regardless of nationality, race and faith in fighting against the curse of extremism. On this black day Belgian authority declared three days of national grief, while other international countries condemned the attacks and declared their support.

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