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Hope for the Better Opportunities for UK-Pakistan Trading Relations after Brexit

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Posted on 29 Oct 19

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So the story moves forward a bit and there is a little advancement. Boris Johnson has also asked for an extension. It is still underway the reply from EU will decide what is going to happen shortly. But with all this going side by side what is happening in the trading world.

Well Pakistan UK trade is going as it is even progressing smoothly. But there is more Pakistan can get from the Brexit especially if it is a hard one. But the advantage will be mutual in some ways and if mishandled can become a difficult situation for the UK to handle.

Cargo Shipping
Cargo Shipping

For now, Pakistan UK air andsea cargo exchange and trade are happening at a steady pace. No interruptions, no apparent problems ahead. But when the transition period will come what happens next is important. There is for sure a new type of relationship with free will and own rules of the country.

Pakistan also gets to revise deals with EU as there will be no via through which the market had to be accessed. From UK to EU to Pakistan everything will be direct if there is a no-deal exit specifically.

The immigration talk

For the trade between the two countries, Pakistan especially imposes to increase the number of immigrants in the UK from the country. Now before the UK was bound to obey the laws and restrictions of the EU.

After all, this ends there is going to be a renewed talks between Pakistan and the UK regarding the immigration matter which Pakistan esteem highly. Before the UK kept on denying any more numbers but who knows things change due to mutual advantages.

So after breakage from the EU, there is going to be equal chances for EU and now EU students. This means more Pakistanis can get the opportunity to enter the country to study and afterwards work there.

Why no-deal Brexit raises hopes more

After Brexit when the UK has no connection left with EU to share any trade rules at all among them then new ones will arise from the UK side. Connecting with new partners to get things back on track will help a lot.

Among these partners, Pakistan is going to be an important one due to the fast pace growth of the economy of Pakistan. The rates which were before controlled by a single alliance market will not be applied and instead, new tariffs come forward.

To reach an agreement both the sides has to compromise on some things and Pakistan is a tough partner to let go of its interests.

The actual scenario

For now, the three letters to the EU are the talk of the day. Among these three is the extension of the period of exiting. This will not have a positive impact on the British trade instead it will revoke chaos as well as the common man against the government.

EU was still hoping to have a deal with the UK a workable one. But the extension letter has shattered the hopes. But are all hopes around shattered or risen the reply form EU will tell.

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