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How to Send Cargo to Other Countries?

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Posted on 7 Sep 15

When shipping a cargo to other countries, the exporter must be aware of some golden rules to deliver 100 percent to their customers

Sending cargo to other countries like Pakistan where the internal situation is not that stable as it should be or as in European countries. There are several golden points to consider when sending cargo to Pakistan or even any country in the world.

The cargo handlers must consider the things like Packing, labeling, documentation, and insurance requirements of the cargo and must inform the customer about these services. It is very important for the  exporters that he  confirm the goods that are packed properly so they can reach in original condition;

Label the product properly to confirm that the merchandises are handled well and reach on time at the place of delivery;

The product should be documented correctly according to the requirements of foreign governments, and as well as proper collection standards;

The insured product against the damage, loss and delay will boost the confidence in the customer.

Mostly exporters trust on an international freight forwarder to accomplish these services.

Freight Forwarder

A freight forwarder is an agent for the exporter which helps him in moving cargo to foreign destinations. These freight forwarders are fully acquainted with the rules and regulations of import and export to foreign countries.

Export freight forwarders are certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to move the air freight and the Federal Maritime Commission to manage the sea cargo. Freight forwarders can also make arrangements with customs agents, foreign to confirm that the merchandise justify with customs export documentation regulations.

What is a cargo agent?

What is cargo agent and how he works to assist in cargo delivery? Is one of the very common questions people asked. A cargo agent helps in the movement of cargo and goods to the overseas destinations.

They organize this to ensure through air, rail, road or sea and then ensure that the process runs to plan. Cargo agents manage deliveries for transport companies, air transportation services, and courier businesses. Cargo agents are in charge of examining and securing the documentation, transportation and distribution of cargo.

How cargo agent works?

Cargo agent arranges the schedules, routes and then checking the details with exporters.

He books the cargo space and discuss the rate with the appropriate airplane.

Spacing out for the cargo to be insured.

Cargo agent Calculates the volume, weight and cost of the cargo.

He records the detail of the work on a computer system.

Cargo agent sets, invoices of the cargo.

Receiving products through customs.

He arranges payment for customs duties and taxes.

Cargo agents are worthy head for numbers because they need to think a lot about the weight and size of the cargo and when and where it is going.

They are perfectionists because they know every little detail, and can get an of job happiness out of knowing where everything is and how it’s done.

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