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Posted on 17 Jan 17

Approach a growing market with vast range of opportunities for business.

UK and Pakistan have been in very good relations in a number of fields for many decades. Especially when it comes to trade between the two countries, there is always seen a very friendly environment and policy. The UK is amongst the largest exporters in Pakistan second in chronicle order after USA and around 100 British companies are physically operating in the country.

The business between the two countries is growing and we see an increase in the imports from UK with quality products. Although the trade policy of Pakistan is very strict as there is a ban on many things that are against the laws relating to Islam, but there are things that are free of the strict rules.

From UK the most popular among the goods that are imported relate to the following categories

Industrial machinery

Power generation machinery

Telecom and broadcasting equipment

Medical products as chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Metal ores and scrap materials

Apart from these there are many other goods that are sent to Pakistan through different cargo means.

Important Documents Needed:

Any good that is transferred Cargo to Pakistan needs proper documents to enter in the territory as any other country in the world with proper border rules and laws.

The documents are almost the same as any other trade these are

Number of packages

Quantity of goods

Place of origin

Freight and insurance

And any other documents that are needed for the process of customs

Insurance certificates

Letter of Credit

Bill of landing

These are some documents that are required to complete the process and get your order through. Apart from these if the imports need additional processing in Pakistan then Certificates of Origin are also required. Facsimile of any document or signature is not acceptable and will be rejected at the spot. Goods that call for permit under the Dutiable Commodities Ordinance require one additional copy of invoice and Bill of Landing.

Taxes and regulations:

The main reason to regulate the imports in Pakistan is to protect the local market. For the balanced import traffic not on all but some items attract taxes and custom duty to get clearance and entrance in the country.

To receive the imports one has to pay the custom duty before it is handed over to them.

Pakistan Imports in General:

Apart from the specific goods imported from UK, Pakistan imports many other items based in needs of the population. These imports include

Petroleum products

Some food items




All the above-mentioned items and a lot of other if needed are imported to meet ever increasing needs of population. High ended, fine finished and articles that are not produced by local industry always welcomed by people who afford.

A local dealer is very useful to promote foreign business in Pakistan and to create demand of these goods. Sometimes government takes hard line and imposes restrictions to promote local manufacturing but in a global world it is very difficult to force people to stop purchasing foreign articles.

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