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What are the Reasons for Putting Commodities in Containers and Why it is Handy?

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Containerization of Cargo
Posted on 13 Dec 16

Containerization of Cargo

Companies use cargo services for the purpose of import and export in a country. Some companies use their own shipping facility while others hire freight forwarders for the purpose as it is a more feasible way to handle the import export process. The expert professionals have the know-how of handling the process of freight forwarding to Pakistan and know what requirements are to be fulfilled.

The way freight is forwarded is the basic concern of the forwarder. As a business man wants to have a safe and smooth business in any aspect, and safety of goods is imperative for a sound export and import. For this reason the sender prefer containerization of his items to be exported for the safe arrival of the ordered pieces at the consignee’s end.

Cost effective:

One of the reasons for using containers for the purpose of cargo is the cost effectiveness. The export items are put and locked up in a container and it will be only opened for the purpose of custom checking and then on the consignees end when cargo reaches Pakistan.

Cost Effective Shipment

Cost Effective Shipment

Otherwise, the products remain packed in a container and there is no chance of mishandling while transport is in progress. This way the items remain safe and away from the human hands which reduce the chances of damage.

Can Carry Variety Of items:

Containers shipping is handy as it can carry many types and they can carry many products. This is a quality that only containers can have. A container can store wheat or coal like commodities, refrigerated products, dry cargo and liquid items as oil or chemical items. The flexibility that the containers have makes them suitable for the work and the transport is made easy by using them.


A container is in its own a warehouse as it provides safety to the items inside and can save them from atmospheric conditions as rain, fire and water. A warehouse costs you fare which increases every day and keeps on increasing day by day till the custom clearance.

Container Warehouse

Container Warehouse

Secure and Safe:

As the packed items cannot be opened at any point of the journey except at the clearance points and loading and unloading destinations, the commodities remain safe and secure as theft or mishandling is out of question.


Containers are more manageable than bulk cargo. As the things are loaded in a very organised way and can be handled easily by the workers, they don’t have to see to it that every item is present and not lost. In this way the work of the loader and of the sender is made easy.


End to End Service:

Through containers end to end service can be promised and the quality of the goods can be maintained. The consignment remains safe and is delivered as it is to the consignee.

Cargo End to End Service

Cargo End to End Service

Spares Space:

A consignment put in a container occupy less space as it is one container and it can be put on any cargo carrying vehicle. Space is not a problem for the products this way and they can be loaded all at the same time with compact packing for transport to any place.

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