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New Customs Declaration System for UK Freight

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Posted on 3 Jul 18

The most important thing is the training of the staff that would carry out these changes

The United Kingdom has introduced new Customs Declaration System for freight forwarders from UK to Pakistan. It would be fully implemented throughout the UK from January next year. This new system will replace the existing Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight protocol.

The challenge of Brexit is also haunting this shift and things are not clear yet. To minimize the risk of possible problems while transferring from one system to the other the concerned authorities have taken some steps.

The most important thing is the training of the staff that would experience any change in real time. This need of freight forwarding staff has been catered and ahead of the implementation of CDS briefing to staff has been arranged.

Right from the beginning, it is necessary to involve the stakeholders. For all members performing duties on airports in the UK would receive a briefing on this and in a couple of months, it would be done for all airport staff throughout the country.

Feed Back from Freight forwarding staff is quite beneficial

In an earlier case when a new method of container weighing was introduced a couple of years ago on UK ports that were the freight forwarders found problems in that. In the present situation, briefing to the same would be effective once again.

It would be tough if CDS implementation and Brexit take place simultaneously and to coop with such a situation, more staff will be needed. Still, there is ambiguity and no clear way forward has come to surface.

Both importers and exporters will have to observe this new system and those trading commodities except EU need to prepare them.

Traders Exporting to Pakistan will be well informed

Traders in the UK exporting to Pakistan would also effective from all these and their freight forwarding agents pass on this to them. They would get benefits and remain well informed too.

Things would get easier for cargo companies as things are more transparent than before. Increase in demand of space for a non-European destination on cargo carriers explicitly mentioning the upcoming trends of exports of the country.

Businessmen of England have targeted growing economies and their efforts are bearing fruits. Now the list of exports to these destinations has extended as new items have found a place there.

The newly developed system has positive changes

The reason behind this replacement is nothing but the age of the existing system. Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight is one of the most sophisticated and the largest system for customs declaration processes.

However, to cater modern day needs changes cannot be easily integrated into it. It is used to calculate and pay the exact amount of duties and taxes. It also provides whole information electronically for all things being imported or exported to or from UK or EU.

In the newly developed system, there are certain changes like more services from a single source. Traders will become able to view previous import/export data, tariff information apply for new authorizations and duty deferment statement. Thus, a lot more will be available to traders under this new system.

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