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A Marginally Strong 2nd Quarter for Cargo Sector

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Posted on 12 Oct 15

TIA reports steady gains in Q2 brokered freight shipments and margins According to the report issued by the Transportation Intermediaries Association (TIA) growth in brokered freight transportation deliveries and total invoice dollars were basic themes in the Second Quarter 2015. TIA issued the 26th edition of this report and this report was prepared by the […]

How to Protect Your Cargo While Being Shipped

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Posted on 9 Oct 15

Protecting cargo while it is being shipped is a big issue and Motor Truck Cargo Insurance has a solution to cover It offers liability insurance for truckers who carry the cargo of others and is used in the event that the cargo is destroyed, damaged, stolen, or otherwise declared a loss while in the process […]

Difference Between Freight and Cargo

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Posted on 6 Oct 15

Most generous terms used to deliver the goods from one to another place, but is there any difference between them? Import and export of goods is very important for the existence of life on the earth.  For the life survival, things are transported around the world in titanic containers in huge quantity. These cargo containers […]

Drones! Not for Killings But for Express Cargo Delivers!

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Posted on 2 Oct 15

Finally! Drones are in Action for speedy door to door cargo deliveries as Alibaba Joins Drone Delivery Trial Group Alibaba is the largest internet company in Asia.  This famous group in the world of online shopping , in association  with Shanghai YTO Express Logistics has freshly prepared its first trial drone for the supplies of ginger […]

AMI UK Goes Online with Cargo Web Portal

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Cargo Services
Posted on 28 Sep 15

Air Menzies International (AMI) UK Inaugurations  of the state of the art on-line cargo web portal The Air Menzies International UK is the  leading airfreight and express supplier of the world has announced its new online Quote&Book site. The new site is displayed AMI’s very progressive Express click2ship model, introduced in 2010. According to Air […]

Antonov An-225 is World’s Largest Cargo Plane

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Best Cargo Services
Posted on 21 Sep 15

Imagine if you see a flying football ground There is nothing big to fly with cargo on the earth like this mammoth Antonov An-225. The major cause of building the Antonov An-225 was neither aggressive nor humanitarian. The plane was designed as an airborne tow truck for the now defunct Soviet space shuttle program. History […]

What is Customs Clearance?

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Customs Imports Certification
Posted on 17 Sep 15

Customs Clearance is one of the most important processes, a cargo delivery faces from one country to another Customs clearance is the act of passing the goods through customs so that they can enter or leave the country A document given by customs to a shipper to show that customs duty has been paid and […]

How to Pack Air Cargo?

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Air Cargo Packing
Posted on 14 Sep 15

Essential advises about the wrapping of the package for delivery abroad or in the country For routine cargo, careful packing of the freight things is very essential. Proper packing plays a vital role in the delivery of gifts and delicate things. Specific packing of the cargo is the central pillar for the delivery that you […]

How to Travel on a Cargo Ship?

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Posted on 11 Sep 15

What is traveling by Cargo Ship? Most of the international shipping lines offer paying passengers to trip on their lines. A paying passenger is accommodated in guest compartments and the passenger has access to most areas of the ship. Captain and crew of the cargo ship pass his most of time on the water, and […]

How to Send Cargo to Other Countries?

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Posted on 7 Sep 15

When shipping a cargo to other countries, the exporter must be aware of some golden rules to deliver 100 percent to their customers Sending cargo to other countries like Pakistan where the internal situation is not that stable as it should be or as in European countries. There are several golden points to consider when […]

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