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Qatar Airways Cargo Wins All-Cargo Award

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Qatar Air Cargo
Posted on 2 May 16

Qatar Airways Cargo is a winner of all cargo carrier award that was held at the Lancaster London Hotel

There is no need to introduce Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo namely Ulrich Ogiermann, who is one of the most famous personality of this world. Let me describe what he said about this honorable achievement. Let’s try to keep in mind of his beautiful words.

He said that they are very delighted and pleased to be represented with the best award namely ‘All-Cargo Carrier award’ at Cargo Airline event of the year. He said that they are able to achieve this award because of their performance and characteristics.

They especially appreciate the hard work of committed employees as well as their customers for their great deal of love. This award is dedicated to the Qatar Airways customers. Customers and committed employees pay the full character and support to get the Qatar Airways Cargo at this position.

They slightly full try to represent some certain offers that fly the company from zero to hundred all over as a dark horse. They created the company especially to astar cargo offer customers unmatched services on the ground and in the air with their quickly expanding network, modern fleet and new solution.

How do People Choose the Winner?

Each year, people vote to choose the best and the most respected cargo winner. The winner of Cargo was chosen by the vote of people that how much they have succeed to get the efficiency and ease of use from any cargo company of the world. Every year, customers vote for their beloved and favorite carriers based on their aptitude, efficiency and according to their comfort of use.

There was online voting system in place that gives a chance to the customers to identify best and good airlines, which care about not only customer services but also value for their money.

Why did People Choose the Qatar Airways Cargo for Award?

Qatar Airways Cargo has recently achieved the award of the best airways cargo for brilliance in air cargo industry at the air cargo India 2016 exhibition and conference, hosted by state time. Let’s know, why people choose Qatar Airways Cargo for award. Qatar Airways Cargo is highly acclaimed not only in the Air Cargo Airline of the year category but also all around the world.

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