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UK Air Cargo Activity Surge

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Posted on 27 Feb 19

Though leaving Europe single market is affecting cargo activity and a decrease is expected Due to a huge volume of cargo transportation from the UK the country has dedicated Air cargo aircraft operations on some of its airports. The planes only carry cargo and not passengers so one can imagine how big the volume of […]

UK Volume of Cargo to Pakistan will Improve

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Cargo Services
Posted on 20 Dec 18

UK trade with Pakistan will improve after the implementation of the deal and it has been expressed by the representative It is quite possible a same decision could be good from one perspective and the other side of the outcome proves the decision adverse. Quite a similar situation is of the Brexit and its implementation […]

The UK thinking of Green Last Mile Delivery

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International Trade
Posted on 17 Sep 18

It is to minimize the pollution in the air and with such small steps a larger impact becomes possible It is of greater importance for the people and governments to think of green solutions and now the UK government has the plan to fund last mile delivery through bikes. Obviously, it is for the smaller […]

Statistic Decline in Business but future is for Air Cargo

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Posted on 1 Sep 16

Air Cargo business is falling down gradually, but still, has mighty plans to take it to successive heights Whenever there comes consideration of shifting heavy business materials, air cargo carriers are the prior choice. Why is it preferred over other cargo carriers? Well, there is a clear difference. Air Cargo travels through air and reaches […]

Qatar Airways Cargo Wins All-Cargo Award

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Qatar Air Cargo
Posted on 2 May 16

Qatar Airways Cargo is a winner of all cargo carrier award that was held at the Lancaster London Hotel There is no need to introduce Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo namely Ulrich Ogiermann, who is one of the most famous personality of this world. Let me describe what he said about this honorable achievement. Let’s […]

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