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How Social Media Plays a Role in your Supply Chain Business Growth?

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Social Media
Posted on 25 Jan 16

Social media is an easy and inexpensive platform for your business promotion  and  help in drive interest and customers to your business. Social media is an important platform for providing information, knowledges, opinions and instructions to the audiences and followers. Social media is an important source of information for all the business and fields. Social […]

How to Improve Relationships Between Shippers and Carriers?

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Cargo to Pakistan from UK
Posted on 5 Jan 16

A solid relationship between shippers and carriers is the basic key to keep up a consistent carrier network Everybody has a view on how to decrease trucking costs from shippers, receivers and Logistic Companies. They all  know about the LTL services for having a solid relationship with shippers. Some instruction about how making a relationship […]

No Bill of Lading! No Cargo Claims

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Posted on 24 Aug 15

Cargo owner has no right to claim for conversion where a shipper squared cargo into storage due to cargo owner’s failure to present a bill of lading The shipment of iron ore from Iran to china by the Defendant Shipper was a matter of dispute. The bill of lading had been released to order with […]

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