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The Current Fiscal Year Sees Karachi Port Trust Handle 50.227M Tons of Sea Cargo

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Posted on 3 Aug 18

The Hard work of KPT staff is paying off to the Fullest

Pakistan is a developing country with its economy mostly dependent on agriculture and trade. Seaports play a critical role for countries with coastal areas. Karachi is one of those few cities of Pakistan with at the bank of a coastal line and is the hub of Pakistan’s sea cargo activity.

Karachi, the capital of Pakistani province of Sindh, is the most populous city of Pakistan and sixth most populous in the world. Thanks to its great geo-strategic importance, Karachi is country’s chief business and trade centre.

Karachi, along with boasting the busiest airport in Pakistan, also has Pakistan’s two largest seaports i.e. the Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim.

Karachi Port Trust

According to an official of KPT, Karachi Port Trust handled over 50.227 million tons of freight in the time span of first 9 months of the current fiscal year in comparison to the cargo handled in the same period of last year.

The Karachi Port Trust is one of the oldest ports of Pakistan and has been handling 60 to 65 per cent of the national trade. Karachi Port is situated on a strategically important point alongside coastline that lies between straits of Hormuz to Indian coastline.

It is undoubtedly playing a vital role in the economic growth of the country. Even though the Gwadar Port is quickly making its way through the ranks, yet KPT remains at the top in numbers.

The official added that the port was dealing with 26 million tons of cargo per year. Moreover, Karachi Port boasts 30 dry cargo berths.


There are two large cargo container terminals at the seaport known as Karachi International Container Terminal and Pakistan International Container Terminal.

The port authorities have focused specifically on enhancing port capabilities to handle cargo in a more efficient way. Thanks to these positive endeavours, the port’s cargo handling capacity is surging significantly with the passage of time.

KPT to build $10 billion Freight Corridor

Another good news for the KPT is that anticipating the great surge in a port-to-port cargo, a freight corridor will be established with an estimated cost of $8-10 billion besides the coastal line. Being in the middle of Karachi Port and Port Qasim, this freight corridor will help to move all sorts of cargo in a swift fashion.

This corridor will also be connected to railway track and road network. Many international construction companies have are ready for investing in the freight corridor project.

KPT Income in Numbers

Karachi Port Trust is flourishing and earning a total of Rs 22,051 million. In terms of total expenditures, the KPT spent Rs17710 million. This implies that the total profit it earned for the year 2017-18 remains at a staggering 4,341 million.

This improvement in numbers owes a lot to the backup system coupled with decent transit and storage capacity. Plus, better infrastructure due to rail and road services for handling, storing and clearing the cargo is also a major reason.

Karachi port offers 24/7 safe navigation to all the port traffic movement including tankers, modern vessels, and container carriers up to 75,000 DWT.

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