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The UK thinking of Green Last Mile Delivery

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Posted on 17 Sep 18

It is to minimize the pollution in the air and with such small steps a larger impact becomes possible

It is of greater importance for the people and governments to think of green solutions and now the UK government has the plan to fund last mile delivery through bikes. Obviously, it is for the smaller cargo parcels and a limit must be set for it.

With such an out of box idea, things can get better around us. The companies involved in cargo pick and delivery would be part of this idea and with their input, this surely is finalized in coming days.

It is to minimize the pollution in the air and with such small steps, a larger impact becomes possible. Electric bike delivery is also an option to encourage green delivery of the last mile.

It is part of a bigger plan that was announced in Birmingham in Zero Emission Vehicle Summit. This was to encourage the industry and all the stakeholders to tackle the carbon emission issue and improve environmental quality.

Last year a record boom was observed

The need for warehouses to meet the peak time of the year is the most important aspect of the air cargo industry of United Kingdom. Warehouse charges get out of reach and cargo companies could not afford so new warehouses are really needed.

People order online, purchase through websites and then the companies deliver things to different parts of the world and for this purpose air cargo is mostly used.

Last year a record boom was observed and very much similar trend is expected this year so there Britain is an important gateway to the world trade and cargo delivery has to develop warehouses. Otherwise, there would be a possible delay of orders and it is the thing that no one wants.

Air freight consignments are not always big

Apart from peak season exports of the country is on the rise and cater to the rise there should have been more spaces. Any compromise on freight facility would be of a greater dent in overall scenario.

Air freight consignments are not always big in size but greater in numbers so you need bigger places to offer them the required care and safety. Use of air freight facility is not for days but for few hours as the parcels are to be transported as soon as a flight available.

More proper storing places have all security measures is need of the time. Many new things are happening in the cargo industry so this one also requires attention.

UK Pakistan Trade is important for both sides

United Kingdom trade with Pakistan is getting important for both sides and this has led them to engage more frequently to enhance the volume to its potential within shortest possible time.

People of the two countries are closely related to each other and they have decades-old relations. Companies of British origin doing business in Pakistan are also encouraging those on the edge of coming to this growing market of more than 200 million people.

With these facts, it is quite clear that in coming years there will be greater UK Pakistan trade ties.

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