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Air Freight Vs Sea Freight – When to Choose What?

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Air and Sea Cargo
Posted on 29 Oct 15

Picking up the right mean of freight can be a difficult task. It demands time and money.

Do you want to deliver your cargo rapidly? Or would you rather keep the charges down? You perhaps need to leave a good steadiness between the both. To make your choice easy, a number of important aspects are given.

Your Budget to Cargo Things?

Everyone wants to choose a cheaper way of transporting their goods, but it is difficult to choose a right mean of cargo. If someone asks anyone about the cheapest way of delivery of goods, then there will be only preferred way, the sea cargo. It is true that cargo through the sea is a cheaper way of transporting goods. However, it’s not the case, this might depend on what logistic and transport companies charge for global delivery.

How Air Cargo Companies Charge?

Air cargo companies charge according to the weight of cargo, however, size also matters. That’s because bulky things with a low weight cover more space on an airplane than a small, weighty thing.

How Sea Shippers Charge?

Marine shipper’s cost as per container rates for transporting standard sized containers. With massive and heavyweight freights, it is often low-priced to transport by sea cargo.

As freight acquires smaller weight and size, the margin between the charges gets reduced and sometimes air cargo will even end up less costly. The destination is considered as another aspect for delivery charges, it includes customs and fees, which you have to pay regardless of which way of transportation you picked.

How Swift You Want To Deliver?

When we talk about swiftness, air cargo is surely the speediest mode to cargo your goods across the world. For many companies, shipment is a question of time rather than money. If you want to deliver the shipment urgently then pick the air cargo in place of the sea.

Significance of Time While Delivering at Right Destination

During the comparison of the two ways of transportation, air cargo tends to be the more steadfast choice for worldwide shipment. Air cargo can be late due to bad weather conditions, but the carriers are very careful about their schedules. Sea cargo tends to move on weekly schedules and the hazards of something going erroneous and the consignment getting late is much higher. For many companies suspension of a week could have severe cost effects.

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