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Dundee Port! Scotland’s Giant Profit Making Port

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Dulndee Port
Posted on 29 Feb 16

Dundee is the biggest profit making natural port, handles a wide range of cargo every day and a major agricultural hub of Scotland.

The Port of Dundee is located on the north side of the River Tay estuary on the East Coast of Scotland. The surrounding area of Dundee port is outstanding. Port of Dundee is a natural port dates back to the 800 years. Port of Dundee is mostly handled the agricultural, forest and a wide range of bulk products.

Dundee port welcomes thousands of ton cargo to Pakistan, Indian region, China, U.S and from all over the world every day. FORTH Ports owns the port of Dundee and it is one of the busiest ports of the Scotland. This port is the main gateway to the historic city Dundee.

Port of Dundee handles thousand tons of cargo daily

Dundee port is the major agricultural hub of the Scotland and moves over 250,000 ton agricultural products worldwide per year. Dundee port is the biggest grain handling port in Scotland and it has the solo grain drying facility in Scotland. About 500 employees work on the port every day to keep the process of shipping in motion.

Port of Dundee has been the specialist of handling newsprint, pulp and timber for over 35 years. The port of Dundee deals with 33,000 ton timber and other forest goods every year. This port has the extensive facility of a warehouse for the storage of 150,000 ton grains. Port of Dundee also handles cement, salt. Iron ore, coal and stone chipping that comes from Scandinavia, Morocco and Spain.

Forth Ports Limited announced more than £10 million for port of Dundee

The Forth Ports Limited has announced a big investment plan for the port. They announced more than  £10  millions for the port. The Fourth Ports Limited will invest this amount of £10  millions to create a new Quayside. This new dock will be 200m long and offer heavy lift capability across its entire length. According to Forth Ports Limited the construction work on the port will start soon.

According to chief executive of Forth Ports Charles Hammond, this heavy lift capability, attached with a deep-water berth and a major area of land of about 60 acres, it will help in handling the largest cargoes. The standing services of the port the base and location, integrated with its waterside berths, deep water and rock river bed, put the port of Dundee  in a vital position to become a centre for these areas of construction, processes and maintenance and for decommissioning.

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