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UK exports to Pakistan and Direct Cargo Flights to China

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Posted on 10 Dec 19

The UK also exports other items like heavy machinery but as industrialization is rather slow

Containers of a scrap of different ores and goods are one of the main exports from the UK to Pakistan. It is also exported in huge quantities to other South Asian countries. The UK also exports other items like heavy machinery but as industrialization is rather slow in the country so Pakistan is not importing this item.

With special economic zones coming operational in next year it is expected to witness an increase in industrial activities in the country. This will surely boost export of industrial machinery, chemicals and other stuff like cargo to Pakistan from UK.

United Kingdom business community and investors will also be interested to get the advantage of relaxations offered to the foreign investors in these areas under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

In coming years it is expected that great manufacturing activity will be generated through special economic zones so the middle class will expand and the UK manufactured goods also can be offered to the sixth largest population of the world.

Presently the United Kingdom foreseeing future of the region has given incentive to traders to increase trade with Pakistan.

Traders also use data collected through different sources

Different business forums in the UK and Pakistan continuously hold meetings and conferences to share prospects of markets in both countries. With these activities not only business ties get stronger but also a vivid picture of markets can be gathered for different products.

Traders also use data collected through different sources and bring figures in use for their trade activities. The partnership between the traders of two sides is also a good way to start exporting goods to Pakistan. Greater trade volume is beneficial for the cargo industry as freight forwarding and cargo service is ultimately used to transport goods.

Updated information for different cargo destinations

Cargo service providers are keen to get more business and for this purpose, they are present online too. This presence helps these service providers to attract more clients and to reach them.

Having a website means your cargo company is always in reach of clients. A useful and practically built website is a good source to attract more customers, just like any other industry.

Updated information for different cargo destinations and accurate rates for different size consignments are also helpful to gain more business. Traders are well equipped with information so they always find of best service at the lowest price.

The UK is also connecting directly with China

There is several sectors like pharmaceuticals, poultry, tourism and construction identified for foreign investment in Pakistan. Often Pakistan business communities want to attract investors in these sectors and also offer a partnership with local businesses to start joint ventures.

The UK is also connecting directly with China through cargo flights and Midlands Airport could be the first one in this regard. Being the second biggest trade giant of the world China is an important destination for the world’s famous trade hub the United Kingdom.

The current volume of trade between China and the UK is over £11 billion and with direct cargo flights from the UK to China it will improve further in the coming years.

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