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Waiting for The Supply Chain to Normalise, How Long Will it Take?

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Posted on 13 Jan 22

Big names of cargo industry are highly reliable but their rates are usually high

The problem is persisting very long period now but many are still unable to get a solution for the problem. It is calculated that more than half of global trade used to be via sea freight but this medium is facing the worst crisis due to the pandemic.

The problems started before the COVID outbreak but things got worse in the two years following it. The sea freight rates sored and that has tensed especially the small business owners. They have to wait for a long time to get a free container or at least space for the consignments.

Customs Imports Certification
Customs Imports Certification

The result is the empty shelves that the seller has to keep. Then even if the business gets a free space there is the disrupted supply chain afterwards that creates even more problems. People who have the affordability have diverted to air freight.

But even that is not cheap and especially for bulk transfer it is not at all in reach of many. Cargo to Pakistan from UK is not exempt from all such issues. Pakistan is prospering as a promising trade partner and with CPEC on the road to completion, many doors are going to open for the country.

Late deliveries mean lesser items for sale

The direct effect of delayed shipments is that businesses could not follow the occasion calendar. This may be not a big deal for many but the ones who rely on their peak sales in those days suffer a lot. This may be a common word today but the fact is that there are many containers on UK ports as well as around the world still waiting for the unloading for recent occasions.

Though these costumes are not going to get harmed the empty shelves have harmed the shopkeepers. The consequence is a disappointed customer which is the least expected especially on special occasions. What’s more, is the stockpile in stores and to take care of such costumes is another task.

Once damaged the price falls for the item and this causes loss. The supply chain is an important element in such businesses and when things are going to normalize is still hard to say. As Omicron spreads fast many uncertainties are waiting for people around the world.

The price hike puts pressure on the customer

As the loss continues for the service providers due to queues waiting to be sorted and then lesser containers for the customers the load is put on to the customer. Whether it is the sea freight or it is air cargo to Pakistan from UK or it can be any other country, er suffers the most.

Due to non-functioning ports and closed borders, ships and planes remain to wait for the goods to move from the warehouses. The time for delivery of cargo has increased considerably and that disturbs the process of cargo transfers and trades the most.

Air Freight.jpg
Air Freight.jpg

Even if the containers get unloaded the transport to take the goods to their destination is missing. There are not enough means to have that part done as well. The labour at ports has lessened due to the pandemic which slows the process further.

The system disrupted

Another major disturbance in the cargo industry appeared in the shape of an un-synchronized system which was taken to be the most proper developed system. The demand for goods surged as there were more people to purchase and fewer items on the shelves.

That led to the need for more cargo transfer. As the supply chain collapsed in especially the earlier lockdowns the effects of which can be seen at present also. This has to lead to many system problems due to delayed entries and clearances. This has uncovered our ability to function in a chaotic situation.

The system which was considered as the single window is not functioning as before. One year has changed a lot of things on the trade side crippling every single procedure. But as in any other field, things have gone back to normal to a large extent but the waiting queues are the ones still to be attended.

A reluctant industry still unsure of the future

There was work for people before the pandemic outbreak and there was no need to worry about it. But even the common man got badly affected and at the ports, the work lessened or increased beyond the capacity. Less manpower has created another blank which leads to Serious system failures.


There used to be every slot filled and people working at the speed of machines to get the work done faster. But what happens now is due to closures things become hectic and the containers to be loaded get further delayed due to fewer people at work and also unduly loaded ships.

Many interacting elements still needed to be rectified for a smooth system to operate. However, the new variant is creating another confusion of whether there is going to be another lockdown or things are going back to normal. No one knows for now what will happen. Whether it is a far area or cargo to Pakistan near me there is any uncertainty as to when a cargo to Pakistan from the UK is going to reach its ultimate destination.

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