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Cargo Companies Looking For the Ease in Cargo to Pakistan from the UK

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Cargo To Pakistan
Posted on 10 Dec 21

Every person of the staff is answerable to the different quarries of client People send cargo to Pakistan and their parcels from UK by using services of cargo companies present throughout United Kingdom. Courier companies also offer similar services and rates vary. Usually, cargo service providers offer lower rates than courier companies. Clients get best […]

Pakistan has Strong Local Cargo Business to Support its International Cargo Activity

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local cargo business
Posted on 12 Jan 18

Connection of local and international cargo business is two ends of a same chain Local markets of Pakistan play vital role for its international cargo activities South Asia is huge with good and big geographical plateaus. India, Pakistan and China cover the major portion of South Asia. Pakistan, though geographically is not a very big […]

Another Big Market for UK Products

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Cargo Services
Posted on 10 Oct 17

Pakistan with growing middle class is good destination for foreign Goods Among the European nations, UK is the biggest trade partner of Pakistan and there is strong possibility of rise in volume of trade in coming years as the big changes are going to happen on both sides. In recent years, there is encouraging upward […]

DHL Helps to Prepare for Disaster Cargo Handling

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Posted on 21 Dec 15

DHL doesn’t need any introduction, it is the king in the freight industry, Delivering air freight and sea cargo to Pakistan and rest of the world on a massive scale. It has initiated DHL-UN Development Programme (UNDP) to improve handling of relief goods with the help of UN under the name Get Airports Ready for […]

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