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What is the Next Big Thing in Door To Door Cargo

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Door To Door Cargo
Posted on 25 Jul 16

The city of London has a big, four-wheeled exertion but doesn’t suit the situation, cycle cargo is the answer Each weekday more than 15 thousand cargo delivery vans make their way into a crucial city of London but I am telling you the quarter of the exact numbers because London was not a small city […]

DHL Helps to Prepare for Disaster Cargo Handling

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Posted on 21 Dec 15

DHL doesn’t need any introduction, it is the king in the freight industry, Delivering air freight and sea cargo to Pakistan and rest of the world on a massive scale. It has initiated DHL-UN Development Programme (UNDP) to improve handling of relief goods with the help of UN under the name Get Airports Ready for […]

Air Cargo Sector Gets a Real Threat

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Air cargo
Posted on 14 Oct 15

Air cargo warned: ‘be prepared for China-Europe rail services to lure business away’ The CEO of DHL Global Forwarding for Eastern Europe has informed that transporters are gradually more becoming attracted to rail freight services between two countries, China and Europe, which poses a threat to other methods of cargo. On the occasion of Caspian […]

Drones! Not for Killings But for Express Cargo Delivers!

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Posted on 2 Oct 15

Finally! Drones are in Action for speedy door to door cargo deliveries as Alibaba Joins Drone Delivery Trial Group Alibaba is the largest internet company in Asia.  This famous group in the world of online shopping , in association  with Shanghai YTO Express Logistics has freshly prepared its first trial drone for the supplies of ginger […]

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